Artist Confessions Video By Joe DiGiulio

Artist Confessions featuring abstract artist Joe DiGiulio

Recently, professional artist and art instructor Joe DiGiulio sat down with us for the first of what may become many “Artist Confessions” spots!

What has Joe been hiding all these years? See what he wants to confess to his fans in this episode of Artist Confessions, and look for Joe’s upcoming DVD, “Going Deeper” , featuring glazing techniques in abstract expressionist painting! Also, be sure to check out some of Joe’s Free Video Art Lessons and pick up some new techniques.

What about you?

Do you have any artistic confessions to make, tongue-in-cheek or otherwise? Here’s mine: I loathe stretching canvas. Haven’t done it since high school. I paint on canvas boards not only because they’re a sturdy, durable surface, but because… I’m lazy!

Confess your artsy secrets in the comments below!

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