April Artist of the Month – Andrea del Rio


Upon selection for the pieces in my art portfolio, I chose artwork that best demonstrated my artistic abilities. With a concentration on form, content and technique, my creativity lies in making the viewer connect with my work. Some of my pieces like “Lets Talk,” a genre scene, make one wonder about the action. They all represent me in different ways and like Rembrandt, I choose self-portraits to convey my inner most feelings. The different emotions give them a unique feeling and characteristic. I have used interesting concepts to play up on, so that absolutely everyone feels some sort of relation to each piece.

When others see my art work I hope that their evaluations are positive and constructive. I want anyone who sees my work to connect to the piece, that it makes them remember of something that they have been through or felt. In order to reach this goal I created paintings about daily life, ordinary chores, and small dilemmas; because in all of that, there is always room for a laugh or smile. I really like when others admire what I enjoy doing, it inspires me even more and pushes me to work harder. It is also very good to know what I need to improve on as it extends my mediums and makes my art more versatile. I have learned to accept each comment and critic, as they make me grow and become stronger for the outside world.

As a vital part of my life, art has an important role in every decision I make. Whether it is where to place something, or enter a contest, my skills are always turned on. That means it is something which constantly runs through my mind, and if it didn’t I would not have a purpose, wouldn’t feel complete, or exited about much. Art and its complex and ever changing history has found within me a person with new goals and a different perspective.

Thank you for your consideration.
Andrea Del Rio


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