Announcing the 2014 Valentines Day Art Contest Winners

Congratulations to all of our wonderful winners!


Chocolate and Roses are great Valentines Day gifts, but soon after V-Day, they’re gone. Your art is a labor of love and lasts forever! We had many contestants show us their art and tell us their story and then we let you viewers pick the winners. While everyone who gives and receives art are winners, you all chose these three to be our winners in our 2014 Valentines Day Art Contest


First Place Winner

by Michelle Irizarry

“I painted this daylily as a gift for my mom who has been there for me for years as I battle a long-term illness…without her help and understanding I would not have made it this far.”
Acrylics on canvas(22×28 inches)


Second Place Winner

“For the love of birds”
by Pringle Poirot

“This inseparable pair of cockatoos found each other after being placed in a parrot sanctuary. They represent all neglected animals who have been taken in by humans who teach them what it is to find love and peace.”
Blackwing drawing pencils on Canson Bristol drawing paper


Third Place Winner


by Keighsie Liu

“This is a portrait of my husband. I love him to pieces, and I tried to capture in this painting his personality: confident, charming, ambitious. I want to show the world with paint this great man that I love, the best in the world.
I use LUKAS oil paints and Centurion linen canvas panels for my paintings. I also use Robert Simmons Signet and Oil and Acrylic Artist Brushes by Creative Mark.




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