Acrylics Painting 101 for Beginners with Basic Supplies

What: Acrylic Painting 101 Video, Beginner

Acrylic painting is a versatile and popular medium for artists of all skill levels. Acrylics 101 for Beginners with Basic Supplies

When artists want to try new art supplies or a new medium, it can be hard to determine what you REALLY need (at bare minimum) to give it a trial run, ensuring it’s really for you.

This episode features Acrylic Paints for the medium Acrylics.

The basic acrylic supplies for painting in acrylics you need to start and a few gels and mediums to explain what they are.

See demo with a small painting LIVE, while she fields your basic acrylic supplies and questions!

How To Acrylic Painting 101 For Beginners Live Video

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Gather your materials: Start by acquiring the necessary supplies. You’ll need acrylic paints, brushes (different sizes and shapes), a palette for mixing colors, a canvas or acrylic paper, water for cleaning brushes, and paper towels.

Start with simple compositions: Begin by choosing a simple subject or composition for your painting. This could be a still life setup, a landscape, or an abstract design. Starting with something manageable will build your confidence.


Experiment with brush techniques: Acrylic paints allow for various brush techniques. Try using different brush strokes, such as dry brushing, stippling, glazing, or impasto (thick application of paint). Explore the effects of different brushes and experiment with their application.

Painting with Acrylic Paints
What Acrylic Paints to Use

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