Acrylics Painting 101 for Beginners with Basic Supplies

Jerry’s Live Episode #89 – Acrylic Painting 101 Video

Acrylics 101 for Beginners with Basic Supplies When artists want to try new art supplies or a new medium, it can be hard to determine what you REALLY need (at bare minimum) to give it a trial run, ensuring it’s really for you. This episode features Acrylic Paint for the medium Acrylics.

The basic acrylic supplies you need to start and a few gels and mediums to explain what they are. Amy will demo with a small painting LIVE, while she fields your basic acrylic supplies and questions!

How To Acrylic Painting 101 For Beginners Live Video

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Painting with Acrylic Paints
What Acrylic Paints to Use

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