Art Project with Nathalie Kalbach and Liquitex

Nathalie Kalbach Artist Spotlight

Last week, we introduced you to Nathalie Kalbach and her paintings in our Artist Spotlight. To show off some of her skills and teach you how to create a similar mixed-media masterpiece, we sat down with Nathalie for a step-by-step walkthrough of how she creates her art. Take it away Nathalie!

Liquitex and Nathalie Kalbach
Liquitex and Nathalie Kalbach

See Step By Step Details By Natalie Using the Liquitex Acrylic Paints Professional System

“Being able to mix a variety of mediums into one project is important to me as a mixed media artist. For this reason, I love to use Liquitex Professional Acrylics for my urban paintings because Liquitex paints are all compatible with each other.”

Step 1

“I usually start a painting by mixing Liquitex Soft Body and Liquitex Acrylic Paint with a brayer directly on the substrate.”

starting a painting with liquitex heavy body acrylics

“Using different viscosity acrylic paints give me the texture that I strive for in my background.”

Step 2

“Using Liquitex Professional Spray paints I start laying out the composition and add another layer to my painting.”

Using Liquitex Professional Spray paints

Step 3

“Next I create the city skyline- here the skylines of Manhattan and Jersey City by sketching, using collage elements and using Liquitex Acrylic Inks!”

Step 4

“I continue painting the skyline using Liquitex Soft Body and Acrylic Ink as well as Liquitex Heavy Body Paint for more texture and dimension.”

using Liquitex Soft Body and Acrylic Ink

Step 5

“The next layer is Liquitex Professional Spray Paint- repeating some of the stenciling of the former layers.”

“Adding some Liquitex Professional Acrylic Inks into some wet spray-painted areas create some interesting drips in different values for the waterline.”

Liquitex Professional Acrylic Inks

Step 6

“Usually I finish my paintings using Liquitex Markers.”

Liquitex Markers

“The markers help me to create some more detailed drawings but also a smoother color transition between two layered areas.”

Step 7

“And another urban painting intermixing all kinds of Liquitex Acrylics is done.”

urban painting intermixing

And there’s the final product. Thanks to Nathalie Kalbach and Liquitex for making such a cool Mixed-Media Masterpiece. To see more about liquitex’s complete intermixability system, check out our Liquitex Acrylic Painting System Page!

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