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What Have You Created With Ampersand?


Jerry's Artarama is proud to announce a new contest with Ampersand Artist Panels! If you like to paint on any of Ampersand's panels whether it's from their line of Gessoboard, Encausticboard, Clayboard, Natural Wood, or any other panels, let us know and enter the contest!


How To Enter

To enter, please upload a picture of your artwork created using Ampersand Panels to our official facebook fan page. You must include a photo of your artwork and a testimonial about why you enjoy using Ampersand Panels. One image per contestant. Only submissions made on the official Facebook Contest page will be eligible. Voting begins September 19th and Winners will be announced Monday, September 23rd.

Amazing information and reviews on Ampersand Panels: Click Here

The Prizes





Example of an Entry


"I paint because I love this world and want to share its beauty with others. Using products made by people who clearly care about their craft and the world around them is an essential part of my larger philosophy of positive change. And so whenever possible I choose Ampersand for my painting surfaces."-Jivian Lee

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Teachers Cart Contest

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Getting ready to go back to school? Well Teachers, how about winning some money for you or your classroom? It's easy with our Back To School Teachers Cart Contest. Just create a Teacher's Cart for your students on where you can add any classroom or art supplies your students will need to an easy to use online shopping cart. There your students can get everything they need for class with just a few clicks of a mouse! Once you create the Teachers Cart, share the link to your individual cart on Facebook and Twitter #JerrysB2S or use the PinIt button at the bottom of your cart to share on pinterest for a chance to win eGift Cards! The contest is open to any teacher or instructor. Each post on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest with #JerrysB2S counts as one entry. Enter as many times as you would like. Winners will be chosen at random and notified via email. Winners announced September 9, 2013. Prizes are in the form of eGift Cards valid online only at Share your Teachers Cart today!



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Whats the Buzz


Creative Mark Polar-Flo Watercolor Brushes & LUKAS 1862 Oil Colors

For today's round of Whats the Buzz, we are looking at one of the most popular lines of watercolor brushes from Polar-Flo and the very high-quality LUKAS 1862 Oil Colors. Artists have been ranting and raving about how great these products are and today, we want to share what people have really been saying about these paints and brushes and letting you know what the buzz is really all about.

First Up are the Polar-Flo watercolor brushes from Creative Mark, one of the most talked about brushes here at Jerry's Artarama. Artists have always liked them because they come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and sets that will meet the needs of any watercolor painter. Plus they are found at a better value than most watercolor brushes and hold together longer. But lets see what Artists have said in response to these claims and see the buzz about the Polar-Flo watercolor brushes:

"I order these brushes for personal and classroom use. They are a good value for students, hold a lot of water and the set is a versatile assortment of all sizes. Jerry's promptly replaced the one brush out of several I've ordered over the years that was not top quality."-artistanne, Colorado

"I have found that the quality is amazing given the reasonable price. Given this depressed economy I am thrilled to have experienced such wonderful results for the modest price of these brushes. They hold their shape and have a snap that comes right back and is ready for the next stroke. i use a soap cleaner after using and am sure to rinse well. While the brush may be stained from permanent colors they do not impart that color onto the next painting. Thank you Creative Mark!"-Minister Marie, Illinois

"Works for acrylic painting too!"-ML, North Carolina

"These brushes are excellent in quality and very low priced. A winning combination. I have used them for years."-Blondheim, Florida

"Great watercolor brush set, recommended by a teacher, bought a spare set and will buy another for a gift"-Marie, Arizona

Sounds like people are buzzing about how great a value they are and how well they hold up. It's also pretty cool they don't drop colors if they do get stained!

Next Up are the LUKAS 1862 Oil Colors paint line. Having a long history with a company that started, you guessed it, in 1862, these oil paints are well known for their top quality and as the best oil paint around. We have had many artists creating a buzz around Jerry's with the 1862 line from LUKAs including buzz from one very famous painter. See if you can spot him in the reviews below:

"I think LUKAS paints are easy to apply because they glide on. The drying time is especially quick for oils and allows the artist time to add to the painting."-Sue from Maine, Maine

"I only use LUKAS 1862 whites. All other brands I have tested (of whites) will yellow to a degree, Lucas titanium is still cool and glowing after years of drying. Generally half the paint I use is white so this is very important."-Painter Jake, Australia

"I have ordered colors from Schoenfeld[LUKAS] in Dusseldorf, as there were some colors which I couldn't get here...the picture with the potato eaters is not good in some details...I should have had a better result with the mineral blue that I have now [from LUKAS], instead of the old one."-Vincent Van Gogh

"Today I use this paint as my main paint line. I started just by experiment buying one or two of tubes and then slowly but surely it replaced most of my colors. I love it, because of its special consistency-it is not thin at all, but more runny and flexible than even such a nice brand as Gamblin. It explains on their page that they add sunflower oil as an extra flexibility ingredient."-Sasha, Massachusetts 

"There is something special about LUKAS 1862 oils that make them my favorite. The LUKAS oils mix wonderfully and just feel great going on your canvas. If you like to work fast, you will love LUKAS. These oils are dry to the touch after only a couple of days-amazing!"-Pablo marlo, Iowa

Into the West by Pablo marlo(with LUKAS 1862 oils)


Did you catch the famous endorsement there? From a long history of making amazing oil paints, LUKAS has really brought all of their best colors out for this line and it sounds like all of you artists are pleased with how well they spread on the canvas and dry quickly. Well looks like the buzz is well deserved for both of these lines. And remember, here at Jerry's we love to hear what you have to say, so make sure to leave us a review on the products you love because you might just show up on the next edition of Whats the Buzz!

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