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SoHo Studio Wipes & the Vanish 4-in-1Artist Eraser

Today's Whats the Buzz brings you the very popular SoHo Studio Wipes and the Vanish 4-in-1 Artist Eraser. Both of these things are must haves for any artist to clean up their studio or workspace. From painting to drawing, these wipes and erasers will take on any mess you have. But don't take our word for it; lets look at what artists are saying about these and see what the Buzz is all about.

First Up are the SoHo Studio Wipes. Artists rave all about them because they are perfect for cleaning up any paint stains, acrylics and oils off of brushes, or spills, drips and splatters. Now lets hear what the buzz is all about:

"I got a sample of these and was skeptical that they would be worth the money, but after using them to clean oil based ink used on woodblocks I think they are worth it. They easily remove ink from hands, blocks, brayers and ink slabs."- Charlie, Maryland

"I love these wipes. The first ones I got were free with a purchase. I was so hooked on them I bought 2 containers the next time I ordered from Jerry's Artarama."-Yarntales, New York

"Had a mishap on my clothing and SoHo came to the rescue! No stain to speak of!"-Curly Painter, New Jersey

"These wipes are excellent. I mainly use them to clean tables and brushes after my students use them."-James, Virginia

SoHo's studio wipes will clean any mess, even ink stains. And they are non-toxic and biodegradable making them the environmentally friendly way to conveniently clean up artist messes.

Next Up is the Vanish 4-in-1 Eraser. They call it the 4-in-1 Eraser because it can clean up 4 different mediums from graphite and charcoal to colored pencils and pastels. That means it can replace  gum erasers, hard rubber erasers, vinyl erasers, and even soft kneaded erasers in any artist's art supplies. But lets see what actual artists have to say about it:

"The eraser works great to remove pencil lines when sketching. It is shaped like a rectangular fat crayon which allows for a pencil like grip which is no doubt responsible for part of its ease of use. As it wears down with use I'm sure the grip aspect will change but I expect that the qualities that make it a great smudge free eraser will still be there."-Nibs, Pennsylvania 

"I am a watercolor artist who uses many different weights and types of paper. I find Vanish leaves the least amount of damage to the surface of any eraser I have ever used. I give them as gifts to my 'painting buddies'".-Wet brush gal, Washington

"I use this product with my art work. I liked the first one so much, which I bought as a trial, that I ordered more the next time I sent in a large in a large order, so that I'd have one in my art room, with my traveling art office and in my brief case. The eraser cast offs are clean and dont create crumbs. The pieces don't muck up drawing or watercolor paper, yet it is so soft, it doesn't harm the paper surface."-Ambidextrious, Idaho

"When drawing, I like to keep my paper as clean as possible, and this eraser makes my job easier. It erases with ease, and completely without causing stress to the paper's surface. It is a 'must' to all artists whether professionals or amateurs."-Teresa, Washington

Yowza! Sounds like these products are really buzzing. The artists have spoken and said that these two cleaning products are the best! So check them out and try them for yourselves and see if something you review shows up on next week's Whats the Buzz!



Jerry's Supports Caribbean Lifetime Missions

Changing Lives in Jamaica


Earlier this month, a team from the Craft & Hobby Association went to Jamaica on a seven day trip to bring art supplies and materials from Jerry's Artarama to hospitalized, poor and orphaned children. The organization, Caribbean Lifetime Missions, which seeks to fix the poverty problem in the Caribbean and parts of Africa took in the CHA team near Saint Ann's Parish. From there, the team moved from St. Ann to Bamboo and Kingston assisting with vacation bible schools and leading the children in arts and crafts. 

Jerry's happily supplied the Jamaican childrenwith art supplies to let these impoverished kids explore their creativity and imaginations and have a little fun. They had an amazing time painting faces, tie-dying shirts and making other arts and crafts. Using the First Impressions Complete Art Studio Sets donated, the children had access to watercolor paints, colored pencils, markers, and oil pastels. With the fun assortment of supplies, the children had no trouble expressing themselves. The kids also got to use their imaginations with hand-painted dinosaur hands with the Temporary Tattoo Hand Puppets donated.

But their hands weren't the only things painted as faces were covered to look like everything from tigers to butterflies with the Snazaroo Ultimate Party Pack Face Painting Kit. Kids from vacation bible schools at Bamboo Tabernacle in Bamboo and Majesty Transformation Fellowship in Kingston really enjoyed the products donated. One of the members of the visiting team from the Craft & Hobby Association, Adeola Ayinde, was able to give an art class for the children at Majesty Transformation Fellowship with some of Jerry's acrylic paints while managing to keep their clothes clean with First Impressions KIds Art Smocks and Brush Sets. With the few clothes these children have, it was important to us at Jerry's that these kids enjoy learning about art while keeping things clean. And at the end of the class, any remaining supplies were donated to the church so that these kids continue to express their selves through art, because even if their finances or supplies are limited, their talent is limitless.

All of the contributions of supplies made by Jerry's were made in support of the mission and encouraging youth all over the world to be able to create works of art and express themselves to make the world a better place! And if you would like more information on the trip, check out



Whats the Buzz

Picturesque Presentation Cases & the Creativo Messenger Bag

A Whats the Buzz you can take with you and show off, today we are looking at the Picturesque Presentation Case and the Creativo Messenger Bag. Two great ways to transport and present your work, both the Creativo Messenger and Portfolio Bag and Picturesque Presentation Case are some of our friends' favorites! Artists have been asking all about these products so we decided to include them in this edition of Whats the Buzz.

First Up is the Picturesque Presentation Case. Artists love them because they make any painting, sketch or photo really stand out.  These art presentation cases are a classy way to show off your work and make it look professional and the buzz is all about them. Lets take a look at what people have been saying about these and see what the buzz is all about:

"I use this case (24X36) to store all of my concert posters until I can get them framed. I was a bit hesitant at the price, but the quality exceeded my expectations. I know that my posters are safe and protected. Love the dual zipper, and the handle and shoulder strap are very sturdy." -Riding the Wave, Washington

"The quality of this presentation case is great. It is sturdy and I like the handle and shoulder strap for carrying. The way it is constructed keeps my art work hanging neatly when it is carried or resting with the handle and strap in the up position, no wrinkled or bent work.I really enjoy the 10 filler pages when most cases only have 5." -Momsy, South Carolina

"I've been collecting Pearl Jam posters for years. They've been in storage tubes until now. This portfolio is perfect both for storing my collection flat, as well as being able to share it with friends and family. I'll be adding more pages soon- there's plenty of room."-Eddie, California

"Very nice quality. Not too heavy. Everyone just loves my presentation case!"-Top Realtor, Virginia

Sounds like you get real quality at a value price with the Picturesque Presentation Cases. Whether you store your art or Concert photos, We're sure they look even better in one of these cases!

Next Up is the Creativo Original Messenger Bag and portfolio. Finally, a messenger bag designed for the Artist and able to carry all the artwork, tools, supplies and materials of the trade. These have a huge assortment of pouches and compartments which artists have been raving about. So lets check out the buzz on these awesome bags:

"We are going to be taking a lot of long trips in a car this summer and I needed something to organize and bring my art supplies with me, this bag is perfect for that, easy to carry, lots of different compartments for pencils cases, boards and etc."- Kermit, Ohio

"I attended an art workshop and had a list of supplies a mile long. This bag had a place for everything I needed. The over the shoulder strap was very comfortable. The bag is made very well, it has straps that snap together to ensure that all of your supplies stay in place. It is also a great looking bag, I love it."-Dottie, California

"This was a bonus offer with some other items I ordered. The quality was incredible for the way I received it. After much thought, I gave it to an art student whose portfolio was falling apart. I thank Jerry's for the portfolio, and the happiness it gave to both the giver and receiver. My daughter and I recommend Jerry's as a good source of art supplies. I have been very pleased with all my purchases here."-Shoosmum, California

"I'm very impressed by this portfolio! So many pockets for all the things you need to take with you plus plenty of room for 18X24 drawing paper and drawing board. I'm super happy I purchased this. You cannot beat the value you get with this very nicely made portfolio. I would definitely buy this again & have recommended it to others."-Artsy, California

Sounds great! As you can see, Artists have been very pleased with this fine bag. Looks like the buzz is real on both of these products and we will be back next week with more Whats the Buzz so be on the lookout and maybe you'll see a product review you wrote!





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