A Jerry's Online Street Team Art Project with Ron Croci and Da Vinci Panels

Jerry's Artist Spotlight Artist Ron Croci Is Back With Another Great Art Project

1. The Da Vinci Birch Panel Label.


The enclosed tutorial is an explanation of how I have used a Da Vinci, Cradled, Birch panel supplied by Jerrys Artarama to create the art work titled HAMAKUA POKO for the book, THE ATLAS OF SURFING. to be published in five languages by ISLAND HERITAGE in 2016.

These panels are beautifully crafted, light weight and sturdy. Really they are more like furniture than a painting surface. They could probably be assembled into a very fine cabinet.

2. Here is the panel with its plastic wrap as it comes from Jerry's. 


3. This angle shows the cradled side supports.


4. At this point I cover the surface with a good quality latex household primer. Primer is great and I use it as an under coat of the Gesso layer.


5. Here are the primed sides.


6. This view shows the back, one primed and one plain as it comes from the package.


7. This is the primed surface with the sanding block I use to knock down any bumps.


8. At this point I apply a final coat of Matisse Gesso.


9. Then a quick sanding of the Gesso. The foundation is complete.


Now you may ask yourself why I go to so much trouble with the preparations. Two coats of sanded primer, front back and sides, along with a final coat of sanded Gesso. The reason is that I want to do the best work possible because I am using the finest materials available. Also, my collectors are people who work hard and save diligently to acquire my works of art. They are considered precious by the buyers and are handed down to their children as family heirlooms. I know what my art means to them so I give them my best, both in materials and craft.


10. Next I apply the drawing to the surface. Here on the left is the drawing which I transfer to the surface by rubbing the back with charcoal and going over the lines with a ball point pen.


11. This is the beginning of the undercoat which I have applied with an acrylic wash. At times I also use thinned out oil paint.


12. The under painting continues.


13. More under painting


14. The final under painting is completed. At this time I would like to exhibit the wonderful BLACK SWAN BRUSHES I have used to create this work of art. Their long handles give perfect balance and the tips remain like new for longer than most other brushes I have used in my career. I also greatly appreciate that they are synthetic and not made from living animal hair.


15. The next step is to complete the art with a final coat of oil paint. It is now done and all that is left is to let it cure and give it a coat of Damar Varnish.


Thank you Jerry's Artarama for giving me the opportunity to use and demonstrate my method with the exquisite DaVinci Cradled Birch Panels, and the magical BLACK SWAN BRUSHES.

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Announcing Jerry's 2015 Annual Self Portrait Contest Winners

Thanks for Making This Our Biggest Contest Yet!

Wow, this was our biggest contest at Jerry's Yet. This year, in our 2015 Annual Self Portrait Contest, we had over 1,400 self portrait entries and over 85,000 people voted for your self portraits. This year the prizes were bigger than ever with first place winning a $2000 shopping spree from Jerry's and a total of $4000 in prizes all around to all of our winners. It was incredibly tough to pick just a few winners, but here for your enjoyment, are our Top 3 Self-Portrait Winners!

First Place-

Chantal Jahchan


"Innocence"- Pastel on paper, 18x24"

Wins a $2000 shopping spree on


Second Place-

Byron Taylor


"Selfie"- Oil 8"x10"

Wins an $850 eGift Card to


Third Place

Tejo Van den Broeck

"268.Un delicato e fragile autoriaratto di un artista imballato"- Watercolour- 75/56

Wins a $400 eGift Card to

Congratulations to all of our spectacular winners! Thanks for entering and be sure to enter again next year for another chance to win. To see more wonderful self portraits, check out our winners and honorable mention Self Portraits in our talented Winners Gallery.

And stay up to date with other contests going on at our Jerry's Artarama Contest Page!


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