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Want to get your story out there or maybe share some artwork with other Artists? Well, then "My Story" is just for you!

Jerry's wants to know how having access to a wide variety of the best art supplies at low prices has helped you in your artistic journey. We get so many comments from art teachers, students, professional artists and so many beloved customers who have shared their stories and told us exactly how we have provided for them the art supplies that are making their dreams come true. Share your story, share your art, and you can be featured and win an eGift Card, just like our newest winner:


Marlene even shared some of her artwork with all of us!

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Announcing Jerry's 2015 Fabriano Watercolor Paper Art Contest

What Have You Made with Fabriano Watercolor Paper?


Jerry's Artarama is proud to present the Fabriano Watercolor Paper Contest! Last year we started this great contest with Fabriano Watercolor Paper and you all showed some amazing talent and artistic skill. So this year we decided to have the contest again.


Show us what you have made with Fabriano Watercolor Paper and you could win one of the three great prizes below!

How to Enter

To enter, visit our Contest Page:

1. Upload your image file of a piece of art you made using Fabriano Watercolor Paper.

2. Enter your name and email address.

3. Enter your title of your entered artwork, medium used and its dimensions. 

Entries will be accepted through June 14th (Midnight EST) with voting beginning on June 15th! First, Second and Third Prize will be announced on Monday, June 22nd. Good Luck! 


Here are last year's winners:

First Place


The Duomo and Baptistry, Florence by Christina Lihan- Paper 30"x40"


Second Place


Old Wheels at Rest by Chinmaya Panda- Transparent Watercolor 48.5cm x 68.5cm


Third Place


Fatima by Barbara Dahlstedt- Colored Pencil on Paper


Good luck and to find out more, check out our Contest Page for contests year round!


Art Changes Everything

You Accepted Our Challenge And We Proved Art Can Change Everything!


"Create Art, Change Everything" by Amy Gardner Dean (pictured middle)

Jerry's Artarama started out to prove that artists are passionate about what they create and that art should be a part of everyone's life. Here at our corporate offices, we bet our boss that you would agree that "Art Changes Everything" and could get get artists from all 50 states to like our picture(above) to prove it. 

In just the first week, we got over 4,200 likes and over 350 shares in all 50 states! We knew that we would get some amazing support from all of our friends on Facebook and Twitter, and you all came through. Now, lets get that number of likes up to 10,000 and help prove that creating art can change everything.

All of here truly believe that everyone can and should create art. We believe that art can and does change the world for the better. 

The painting above was painted by our talented resident Artist- Amy Gardner Dean. Most of the art you'll see in our ads and on our product pages was created by her. Here are a few examples of her work here:



See more of her work all throughout Great Job Amy and Great Job to all of our fans who shared and liked the fact that we will change the world with art!


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