Market Yourself by M Theresa Brown

Positive Tips for success

As much as we would all like to stay in our studios and create our artwork and never appear in public, the best chances for success include regular public appearances. Art and Craft shows are just one of the many opportunities for artists. They can be large and juried; small and non-juried but participating in one opens the door not only for sales of your art product, but to an ongoing  relationship with clients. Here are some positive tips for success!

Project a positive and upbeat attitude at all times.

Keep a guest book to accumulate names and addresses for your email or mailing list.

Mail or email a personalized flyer to your customers with a list of your upcoming shows once you know your schedule.

Be flexible and accommodating to your customers. Keep your promises for deliveries, special orders, etc.

Market yourself. You are your own best salesperson. Keep your display updated with new and exciting work.

Greet your customers with a friendly smile – but give them space to browse.

Make sure all your signage is professional in appearance.

Display your name and prices.

Proudly present your bio and business cards.

Take pride in your personal appearance.

Dress for success! Maintain your canopy, walls, browse boxes and pedestals and keep all in new condition.

When someone shows interest in your work offer any inspirations or background on the image / sculpture. This creates a personal bond between the patron, the work and you.

Follow up immediately after a show with emails and phone calls!

Take responsibility for your own success.  Art and Craft Shows give you the opportunity to participate in an art show, but cannot guarantee your sales. That is up to you!

Now for a few don'ts ...

*Don't fail to get your customers' addresses for your mailing list.

*Don't sit in the back of your booth and read a book.

*Don't ignore the customers who are in your booth.

*Don't pre-determine your customers' buying capabilities based on their appearance.

*Don't skip the shower or wear the same clothes you wore at set up.

*Don't smoke cigars or cigarettes in your booth.

*Don't be inflexible when it comes to your customers' satisfaction. It can hurt future sales for everyone.

*Don't let your artwork and booth become stale, outdated and boring.

*Don't project a negative attitude towards customers and fellow artists

TIPS for 3-D artist/crafters

Pedestals, at different levels are the best display pottery, ceramic, glass, sculpture and wood. Make sure pedestals are painted a nice clean color that enhances your work, or have them covered with a nice neutral fabric.

If you use tables, please be sure they are professionally covered and skirted to the ground. Absolutely no plastic covers, bedsheets or tablecloths should be used! All covers must be hemmed and all covered tables must have the same color scheme. No storage bins or boxes should be visible.


Anyone can put out tables and either lay jewelry on the table or on velvet necks for display. What we find the most attractive is wood or mica units, with or without glass, with either coral, stones, or whatever ideas you can come up with to enhance your jewelry. For example of you make Glass Jewelry have a few pieces of the loose glass on your cases/pedestals.

2-D Artwork

DIsplay hanging art in frames. Situate yourself so you are not blocking your entrance. Many booths are designed with a back flap where the artist can watch the booth and speak with customers yet not block the view. Professional tent makers for art shows have many wall examples and designs to enhance your booth at a show.  Have prints and surplus art at table level, in viewable containers, not on the floor. People simply do not stoop to look at most art!

Take a look at your displays and determine:

Is my display professional and aesthetically pleasing?

Is my entire display attractive and inviting to the public?

Have I made every effort to represent  myself to the best of my ability?

Suggested places where booths can be purchased:

Flourish 1-800-296-0049

Showoff 1-800-771-7469

Light Dome 1-800-351-8889

Pro Panels  1-800-525-4159

ACE Forums

Art Career Experts


2 Tips for Online Sales by M Theresa Brown

You know that marketing phrase "Make money while you sleep?" Well it IS possible for artists to do just that with their art product IF they make it convenient and  easy for shoppers to see and buy their art 24/7. That is only possible if you are set up with an online merchant account. It is easy with Paypal.

In our workshops we emphasize adding testimonials from your clients all over the site and an ability for the client to purchase your art online. Some of it is common sense. Making it difficult or time consuming for an interested person to buy your art went out a long time ago!  The Art World has always been in love with the words "elite, exclusive, private inquiries, call for pricing inquiries, etc." when it came to marketing art.  The idea was to elevate the appeal and perceived value of  the art in question by making a potential client jump through hoops to finally talk with a gallery salesman.

But times,  as in everything, change.   The consumer savvy client many times has the money but not the time to go through the contact process. There are plenty of artists out there making it easy to purchase their art.  You can offer the same advantage by having not only prices, but a way to purchase your art at any time of the day or night which truly does enable you to "make money while you sleep." And that is an amazing feeling the first time you experience it!  It's even better when it becomes a regular occurance :-)

You can have a store on Etsy or Ebay and the whole sales checkout is set up for you. They'll work fine. Etsy, by the way, is far less expensive than Ebay but having a small shopping cart on your own website or blog is even less expensive!

The testimonials are equally crucial. Buyers don't really want to hear how great you believe you are. They want to hear that from your buyers! So ask you clients for their reviews and be timely in adding testimonials to your website.

So what two tips can help turn your passive website into an active website? Summing it up below:

Two Tips to Get More Sales on Your Web Site

1) People like what other people like: Artists often forget this, but testimonials or reviews do sell art. Make sure and list comments or testimonials on your site and in your online store.

2) How tough is it to get to your shopping cart? After adding your shopping cart, make sure the experience of getting their is quick and easy. Add a buy-now (or collect now!) button under each art product you are selling. Make sure the buyer knows what the shipping and any other expense is BEFORE they put it in their cart.  We make it simple and include shipping in our sales.

Now, sleep peacefully!

And check out what we send in our newsletters to our clients.






Celebrity Painters

From ...

There are many actors out there that possess more than just acting skill; many are gifted painters, singers and dancers. Some celebrity painters include Josh Hartnett, David Arquette, and Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney.

Josh Hartnett, the next Van Gogh

When budding football star, Josh Hartnett, injured a knee ligament in high school, he turned his attention to acting and painting. Although a talented and successful actor, Hartnett says that painting was always his first passion. He even took some time off and traveled to Africa to brush-up on his oil painting techniques.



Viggo Mortenson, Renaissance Man

Best-known for his masterful portrayal of Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Viggo Mortenson is another celebrity painter, as well as a photographer and poet. His art has been exhibited in the galleries of New York, Los Angeles and even Greece. His most recent showing at a Los Angeles gallery drew 1,500 eager visitors. Many of Mortenson's murals were portrayed in the 1998 film 'A Perfect Murder' starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Michael Douglas. His style consists of a mish-mash of media; photographs, poems and miscellaneous objects are layered with paint and then obscured with an additional layer of color. Some of his paintings contain seemingly mundane items, such as sponges, tape, wire, rugs and nails.

André 3000: From music to Monet

Andre 3000 of the famous duo, Outkast, took the musical world by storm with catchy, upbeat songs such as 'Hey Ya!' and appealing melodies such as 'Ms. Jackson'. Known for his funky attitude and outrageous sense of style, André paints with bold colors in a surrealist style, which makes him one of the most unusual celebrity painters to seek out.

Paul McCartney: Beatle, Knight, Painter

Another gem in the endless sea of celebrity painters is former Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney. It seems McCartney is inspired by the sensuality of art, reveling in the application of the paint, the colors and textures. McCartney was inclined to pick up a paintbrush when he turned 40-years-old. Many of his works are landscapes and portraits. His painting titled 'The Kiss' was inspired by his first wife Linda, and shows two cartoon-like characters kissing - the man, who looks like Paul, is wide-eyed, seemingly caught off guard by this surprising kiss..


David Arquette Sprays it

Not only is David Arquette tremendously thrilling in the Scream series and Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, but he is also pretty handy with a can of spray paint. Aside from his many acting obligations, he is indeed quite a talented graffiti artist, having painted an ocean scene on the outside of his and wife Courtney's bedroom so they can feel like everyday is a day at the beach. David is widely known in the realm of celebrity painters.

Jane Seymour, Doctor to Dilettante

Former Doctor Quinn also falls in the category of celebrity painters. Seymour's preferred medium is watercolor and oil. She first picked up painting over a decade ago, following a period of personal struggle. Turning to art enabled her healing process. Her paintings are vibrant, colorful and delicate, showcasing precision and appreciation for the art form.




Pierce Brosnan, Bond's Brushstrokes

Pierce Brosnan, who played the sexy spy James Bond in several Bond productions, was initially trained as a commercial artist. He has recently started selling his artwork in order to raise money for charity. Brosnan's specialty lies in landscapes, but he has also produced many portraits of his family. His muse is usually his wife, Keely Shaye. Both his works titled Fiji and Bisou Moi (Kiss Me) were produced as gifts for her on Valentine's Day and Christmas.

About the Author
Art Historian, Donovan Gauvreau lectures about art therapy with a focus on creativity development. He believes we can learn from the great masters in art to communicate ideas and feelings through painting. He provides content for this website to educate and inspire people to take a glimpse into an artist's life to better understand the meaning behind their work.

By Donovan Gauvreau

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