The Value of Workshops by M Theresa Brown

Years ago, when you wanted to know something about how to create art, your choices were limited. Either you read a book or went to college. There was no YouTube, DVDs and if you had TV (seriously-as recent as 40 years ago, many people did not!) you may catch a show with the earliest of the TV artists, Jon Gnagy! In fact, even  a store that sold JUST art supplies was pretty rare.  Summer painting workshops  have been around for a century or more but unless one had access to that location or circle of artists, there was little available for the average artist. You simply did the best you could with what you had or you gave up and pursued something else!

Unless one was trained as an illustrator as many fine  artists through history were, the very basics of techniques (the old" how to do it" stuff) was usually missing in the art programs.  Theory and experimental techniques abound, but the average person who simply wants to learn to paint is often at a disadvantage.

But nowaday, so much has changed. There are art materials availabe for kids that many of us would have died for.  There are thousands of how to DVDs and books with amazing illustrations.  There are online art supply stores that have art tools available that once, only those in the loop knew about or could afford....but despite ALL of the available tools and equipment and online lessons, the very best way to learn is to DO it! It does you no good to collect all those art supplies and DVDs and not use them.

And that is where workshops come into play. Even the simplest of art workshops empower the participants with knowledge and skills they did not have before entering! More importantly, a workshop "makes you do it!" Very few people are self motivated enough to stick with a frustrating hobby until they learn it. But art workshops let you sample everything from techniques to mediums to styles to subject matter. And the participant is encouraged by both the instructor as well as the other artists.  It does not take long to complete a beautiful project with guidance!

Although my primary income is in the sales of my art and I derive much pleasure from happy clients and their reactions to the artwork,  more recently I've discovered the same thing in workshop participants.  The marketing workshops are more of an ephiphany for the artists who want to know how to sell their art wheras the technique driven mini-workshops are an ephiphany to the artist to whom a whole new world has just opened!

Maybe it's the feeling of “I did it myself” that makes their day!  Maybe it's the discovery of a talent they thought did not exist.  Even accomplished artists who step outside of their comfort zone into another realm of art, derive enjoyment from participating in a workshop.

Whether you teach an occasional art class, lesson or regular classes, realize that you have just given the gift of discovery to whoever you are teaching!  And especially with adult classes, you have opened up a future for many of them. A future of an endless opportunity to discover art in a thousand or more ways! And that surely beats sitting in front of the TV or computer!

So join a class, teach a class……when you have students who have paid to be there (including you) you have their full attention, enthusiasm and  gratitude and  doesn’t that make YOU feel good?!


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Stormtrooper Snatching!

As many of you may know, this past weekend was Art Basel, an epic art show that takes over Miami.  The who's who of the art world were all there.  One of the most controvertial names in street art, Mr. Brainwash, had an installation on Collins Ave.  On the balconies of the outside of the building were wood cutouts of Stormtroopers.  An unknown assailant, snatched a stormtrooper in broad daylight and later went around Wynwood introducing his new friend, Abe Solomon.  Check out the video to see the snatching take place and Like Abraham Solomon on Facebook!

                                                              Abe gets all the ladies!






December Artist of the Month - Jean Hildebrant



Jean Hildebrant
I was born in a small town in Oregon and had no access to art classes. I taught myself how to draw and use pastels and oil, by studying art books that I found in the local library. It was exciting to see how the Old Masters and current artists painted portraits and figures and to read how they worked in different mediums. I have always been captivated by portraits and figurative work. My favorite subject is the human soul. I desire to capture the essence and inner beauty of the human spirit through the use of light and color. I want my paintings to speak to the emotions and spirit of each person who views them.
As a portrait painter, I desire to not only capture a good likeness of the subject but I want to find the uniqueness of the individual and convey that to the viewer. My hope is that my portraits will become something that families will treasure and pass on to future generations.
 I paint realism with the hope of leaving an indelible impression.



Exhibitions and Awards:
Jean has exhibited and won numerous awards in local and national shows. Among these accomplishments are the Richeson 75 Figure/Portrait Competition 2009 First Place; Pastel Journal Magazine, Pastel 100, First Place, Portrait  and Figure category2006;  the Pastel Society of America’s National Annual Exhibition, New York, NY ( B. & V. Giffuni Purchase Award); Pastel Society of America’s Master Pastelist and Award Winner Exhibition, Kentucky; Jack Richeson  Pastel Award of Excellence, 2008; Pastel Society of Arizona  2008 and 2009 Best of Show; Arizona Art Alliance 2009 Presidents Award for A Body of Work;
AAA 2010 Spring Show, First Place in Pastel; Pastel Society of Oregon National Annual Juried Show, Purchase Award and First Place Award;  Don Ruffin Memorial Exhibition, Phoenix, AZ receiving the Paradise Valley Community College Purchase Award and the Award of Merit.  and Arizona Artists Guild Juried Exhibitions receiving numerous awards. She is a charter member of the Pastel Society of Oregon and past Exhibition Chairman, a juried member of the Arizona Artists Guild, Arizona Pastel Artist’s Association , Arizona Art Alliance  and a member of the Fellowship of Christians in Portraiture as well as the Portrait Artist’s of Arizona. Her work is found in private, public and corporate collections.

Jean also has received scholarships from the Scottsdale Artists School in 1992 for Phil Beck’s class Painting the Portrait in Oil and in 2005 for Clayton Beck III’s class Painting the Head in Oil.


Jean has studied with nationally known artists Albert Handell, Richard McKinley, Phil Beck, Bob Lemler and Clayton J. Beck III.

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