Prove it-Is the SoHo Urban Artist Tote Bag sturdy water resistant and can it withstand all conditions?

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Prove It!

In this segment of Prove It! Mikey G looks to prove that the SoHo Urban Artist Tote Bag is sturdy, water resistant and can withstand all conditions." By putting it to the torture test, Mikey G goes through a series of experiments to test the performance, durability and claims of the Soho Artist Tote Bag. Watch as he adds weights, runs it over with a car and gets it wet.

Can the SoHo Urban Artist Tote Bag prove to be sturdy, water resistant and withstand all conditions? Will it protect your supplies inside? Mikey G finds out!

Please enjoy the this Prove It video and please supply your comments below


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Jerry's loves SPARKcon 2011!

Raleigh's weekend-long arts festival was a huge hit!

For those of you in the Triangle area, you probably already know that this past weekend, September 15th – 18th, was one of Raleigh's biggest art community events: SPARKcon! SPARKcon gathers together some of the best local talent in many, many categories, from art and fashion to graffiti, film, poetry, music and more.

While the whole weekend is a spectacular event, we at Jerry's aren't bashful to admit our favorite activities were at artSPARK and graffitiSPARK! Maybe it's our affinity for art supplies and fine art, maybe it's our fun street art side, maybe it's just in our bones, but these two cons in particular were not to be missed!


artSPARK featured tons of talented artists in gallery shows, P.O.D. installations and live painting events, and invited everyone to participate with events like the Big Draw (creating small artworks on the spot), the Camera Phone Projection (a chance for camera phone photographers to see their snaps on the big screen), the New Sense Young Artist Arena (arts and crafts for teens and pre-teens) and more! And of course, everyone’s favorite — the chalk art painting competition! Despite the threat of rain, Fayetteville Street was full of devoted drawers painting their squares full of brilliant and beautiful chalk art!


graffitiSPARK was no less exciting, with graffiti Style Wars scheduled between local street artists Knathan Weston and Alec Swiniarski versus Sean Kernick and Sabastian Misersteinbachensal, and a Live Painting event where local award-winning graffiti artists teamed up to tag and paint two trucks with some amazing art.



One of our favorite artists, Dan Nelson, was even on hand to paint a lovely Raleigh street scene!

All in all, it was an amazing weekend, full of fantastic art from a fantastic community! It will definitely be hard to wait a year for the next SPARKcon.

Did you go to SPARKcon, or participate in any of the events? Tell us how you liked it in the comments below!



September Artist of the Month - Elizabeth Virginia Levesque


Even as young children, especially as young children, we often embrace superstitions and imbue harmless objects with the power to help us control our lives. I remember playing with Ouija boards as a preteen, reciting the alphabet as I twisted off a soda can tab, playing MASH and always having a rabbit’s foot on hand. I didn’t over think these toys or rituals or the common place, harmless but still comforting. Now that I am an adult I can look back and analyze these past behaviors and often find surprising new ones that I see other adults practice.

In my paintings I attempt to convey a feeling of need for control but also an avoidance of responsibility. Many things that happen in our lives are out of our control, but plenty still is within our reach to influence. It can be easier to say that the stars must not have been aligned or that our luck ran out than it is to simply accept that we made the wrong decision. It’s easier and sweeter to wish on a star or let a fortune cookie guide our choices than it is to plan ahead and calculate. For such a secular society we still are attempting to make magic.

I am not criticizing our superstitious nature in my paintings. I am simply admitting it.







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