Art is the Valentines Day Gift that Lasts Forever

Share your Art in our Valentines Day Contest and Win Big!

Tomorrow is Valentines Day! And here at Jerry's Artarama, we pride ourselves on being experts on two things-Art and Love. So this Valentines Day, don't give a cliche gift like jewelry, chocolates or flowers to your loved one, give them something that they will remember that comes from your art, and nothing says that better than your own art!

By creating art for your loved one, you're personally showing them how much they mean to you with the thought and quality that you put into the masterpiece you create for them. Adding a beautiful frame can also add a personal touch at a low cost. Frames like the beautiful Baldwin Frames, the Plein Aire Frame, or the Illusions Floater Frame. See all of our picture frames.

Also, by giving your special someone art for valentines day, you not only have the chance to win with them, but you can also win with Jerry's Artarama. From now until February 23rd, you can still enter our Valentines Day Art Contest and share your art for a chance to win big. All you have to do is enter an image of the paint you're giving to your loved one, share with us your story and you can win a grand prize of a $150 eGift Card to Jerry's Artarama and more! 

View more submissions like this one!

For full contest details, rules and to view other people's submissions, check out our Valentines Day Art Contest Page. Happy Valentines Day!


Get the Color Without the Mess with Colored Pencils


The Inside Scoop on Colored Pencils

Many of us haven't picked up a colored pencil since middle school and yet, coloring with colored pencils is a great way to develop sketching form and still get a burst of color in your artwork. Without the mess of paint or having to wait for it to dry, Colored pencils are a vastly underrated art form, especially for the more casual artist. They do take finesse though, and if you want to make something like this below, you'll have to know how to use them.

First, if you want to create anything like this, you'll need some artist grade colored pencils. These pencils will have a high concentration of pigments and should have a good lightfastness rating- a rating based on their resistance to UV rays in sunlight. Breakability, water resistance, and core durability are also features to be noted when looking for artist grade colored pencils. We at Jerry's like SoHo Urban Artist Colored Pencils. They have a smooth, buttery consistency that glides across paper and cover well when shading. They are even artist endorsed:

"Colors are rich, bold, and very durable; soft enough to blend beautifully, yet sturdy enough that they won't run down quickly or break easily."-Kim Maselli, professional artist

And, right now, with purchases of the Full Set of 72 SoHo Urban Artist Colored Pencils, you will also receive a 5 1/2x8 1/2" Reflexions Double Wire Field Sketchbook and a large Creativo Art Messenger Bag for free when you purchase at Jerry's Artarama Online Superstore.

After you have your colored pencils, start coloring. You'll grow by practice. Try exploring the paper with more than one color pencil for a colored area in your sketch. By using different layers of color together, you can add some vitality to your drawings. However, be careful of over-saturating your paper with color, because the colors will adhere less as you build it up. Don't be afraid to make mistakes in the beginning, you'll get better with time, but if you do make a mistake, a good eraser can be an invaluable tool. The Vanish 4-in-1 Eraser is the strongest eraser we know of and can actually clean up after itself. It reabsorbs any crumbs it makes and right now at Jerry's, buy 2 and get a third free!

To shake things up when you're drawing with colored pencils, try including a good range of values. Vary your layers of color and the amount of pressure you use when putting the pencil to paper and you'll find all kinds of colors and tones you like. When you do find a combination of colors you like or a shade you like, mark it on a separate sheet of paper as a color key, this you can go back to that combination or reference the colors you used at a later time. If you're working on a subtle, tonal drawing, say a sunset or sunrise, work from dark to light. 

Hope that quick overview was helpful. If you have any colored pencil tips, let us know in the comments below!



Thank You for Great Feedback and Reviews for Jerry's Artarama Online Superstore


An Open Letter from Michael Marchetta, Director of Marketing for Jerry's Artarama Online Superstore

As a business we have come a long way over the 45 plus years, and to serve you better, we are always re-inventing ourselves with new offers, services, low prices and access to great quality supplies designed with the artist in mind. Our commitment to you goes far beyond what you see on our website and in programs because we appreciate all that you do. Our passion is your passion!

In today's digital world we are growing more and more interconnected in many ways and we love that! We get to see all the great pieces of artwork you create, answer the many questions you have, and help you share with other aspiring artists, and of course.. share with us all of your comments (good or badSmile). We know we're not perfect but each and every day we strive  to provide the best service and experience.

I thought it would be a great idea to point out that we read and respond to almost every comment we receive. The purpose of this letter today is to let you know we are listening, we care, and to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to write us or tell other customers how you feel. Your comments and support help us better serve you and provide us with invaluable information to make adjustments and changes when needed. I can say this with confidence, we have gotten where we are today by doing that and will continue to do so everyday.

Often in our shopping experiences, when something goes wrong or there is an issue we call and or write right away to voice our concerns, and you should so we can help you. But, what we love about our customers is that they will let us know when we've also met or exceeded expectations. That is awesome and encouraging, and for that, we can't thank you enough. Jerry's Customers are truly special and loyal. Your voice is heard and your opinion truly means something to us. 

Here are a few great emails I received direct to my email address:

"You folks are the best! You transformed a non-believer into a believer in a single transaction. I have never quite trusted online shopping...until now. Thank you for your amazing website, quality products and wonderful service, right down to including a pre-authorized return form...which I wont need, by the way, Yours Truly, Janet Manuel"

"As a first time customer, I was very satisfied with the quick response and follow up which I received. Since there are several art suppliers on-line selling the same or similar products, exceeding customer satisfaction is the best thing going for Jerry's Artarama"-Robert Boynton

"There are few stores that sell oil primed linen canvas and if available, prices are high. I found Jerry's pricing very competitive and most materials that I need were available. I love their free shipping promos. In one of my purchases, I made a mistake writing the code, I had to request cancellation and replacement. Staff are efficient. Overall, my shopping experience was awesome!"-Carmen Chu

"I find art items at Jerry's that I cannot find anywhere else. The prices are equal or better and I seem to be able to find a larger variety in each item. I also enjoy seeing all the different materials that there is in the art world that I am not familiar with. Thank You Jerry's!"-Ada Sue Calhoun

Some of the many ways looks to enhance your experience:

  • 9.3/10 Reseller Rating
  • Online customer product reviews and ratings ->
  • Enhanced Customer Service and online Live Chat for instant help
  • A Customer Service Call Center open Mon-Sat
  • Email Confirmation of all deliveries and notices
  • Personal Jerry's Online Accounts with enhanced communication features, tools and organization
  • Shout Outs - NEW helpful quick video tool tips on product features (see it in action click here) Look for the megaphone icon
  • You Jerry’s Online Ordering Account: enhanced communication features, tools and organization
  • Wishing you Happy Birthday via email on your birthday
  • Quicker call center response times

 Plus much more to come!


We are always listening, we care and we are ready to serve your needs the best possible way we can. 

From all our families to yours, thank you and have a wonderful weekend!


Thank You,

Michael Marchetta

Director of Marketing Operations


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