Turner Watercolors and GarzaPapel Paper - A Review


Skilled watercolor artist Marcelo Daldoce reviews Turner Watercolors and GarzaPapel Handmade Paper!

Brazilian watercolorist Marcelo Daldoce is known for his skilled, luminous watercolor paintings, ranging from loose studies and sketches to meticulously detailed and even sculpted works. Needless to say, the 'success' of his paintings often hinges on the quality of the supplies used, be they paints, papers, brushes and more — as it does for any artist. Recently, Marcelo sat down to sketch with some Turner Concentrated Artists' Watercolors and GarzaPapel Handmade Watercolor paper — both of which are Jerry's exclusive items — and was kind enough to share his experiences with us!



Turner Artists' Watercolors reach a good combination of pigments and gum arabic. There is a good consistency that makes it vibrant and lightfast with a nice paint flow.

Like other brands, some colors are better than others. I favored the Cadmium and Burnt colors. The oxides and manganese violet had a gummy texture; which is normal in other brands. The highlight is the cost. For a 15ml tube you get good quality for a good price.

GarzaPapel Handmade Watercolor Paper absorbs the paint nicely. The cold press took a good time to dry; thus, making it easy to connect colors. I used the 280 lb. so, expectedly, there were no wrinkles while wet. The texture it leaves is a nice grain texture (perfect for loose watercolor paint). It has all the qualities good paper should have: acid free, handmade, 100% cotton. In addition, the cotton is 50% recycled, making it eco-friendly.

Both Turner and GarzaPapel are at the professional range and can compete with other established watercolor brands.

They are definitely worth a try!

Check out the video below to watch Marcelo sketch a figure from life using Turner Watercolors on GarzaPapel paper!

To learn more about Marcelo and his amazing watercolor artwork, visit his website at www.daldoce.com.

Some more artwork by Marcelo Daldoce:

What about you? Have you used any of these products? What did you like about them? Let us know in the comments below!


Watercolorist Marcelo Daldoce in Jerry's Artist Spotlight

Brazilian artist Marcelo Daldoce works wonders in watercolors!

Native to São Paulo, Brazil, Marcelo Daldoce moved to Miami in 2010 to pursue life as a full-time artist. While currently working out of his personal studio, the former Bakehouse Art Complex resident has focused his works with watercolor in wholly unique ways. Daldoce infuses the medium with contemporary vitality through his style and subjects. Largely self-taught, he began painting at the age of 16. Four years later, he resided at Núcleo de Arte, an art school in Brazil. Prior to focusing solely on his painting, Daldoce worked at design studios and ad agencies in Brazil for several years, including an illustration studio, MACACOLÂNDIA, that he founded with three partners.




"When painting with watercolor, I control very little of the process... I have learned that in order to express myself, I must allow the water to do the same."

As Daldoce is a primarily self-taught painter, his unique style is not hampered by traditional conventions regarding the often-pigeonholed medium of watercolors. His works run the gamut from figure studies and landscapes to amazingly imaginative, complex designs that welcome the viewer into Daldoce's own unique vision of the world.



Recently, Daldoce has been breaking down the boundaries between the dimensions: transforming two dimensional paintings on paper into faceted gems that are meticulously sculpted to treat the eye from every possible angle.

"Bringing to life a flat surface, I strive to create a puzzle of what’s painted and what’s folded, what’s real and what’s illusion. Born naked of conceptions, day by day, year by year, we form intricate geometric masks that hide our true self, that conceal our complete being."

To learn more about Marcelo Daldoce, visit his website at www.daldoce.com.

What are your thoughts on Marcelo's beautiful, intricate watercolor artwork? Let us know in the comment below!




Finesse Colored Pencil Blender Pens Review


Blending Colored Pencils with Finesse Blender Pens

by Elizabeth Gyles Johnson, artist and art instructor


Elizabeth Gyles Johnson is a pencil artist who focuses her art on the delights of life. Elizabeth teaches the intricacies of drawing at all skill levels to a collection of students worldwide through online workshops and classes at CreativePencils.com. Learn more about Elizabeth in our featured Artist Spotlight post, and follow her process as she draws with colored pencils and then creates a painted look with the Finesse Colored Pencil Blender pen.


Blending colored pencils gives a richer look to any drawing. Blending can make a colored pencil drawing look like it has been painted. The ability to accomplish that blending without stress to one's hand is something every pencil artist welcomes.

The Finesse Colored Pencil Blender Pen allows one to blend the colored pencil without the necessary pressure that a blending pencil requires. That is a big bonus! It is especially nice when blending large areas.

The Finesse blending solvent is housed in a pen form making it handy for travel or tossing into a bag of journal supplies for the day. There is a brush tip on each end, one bold and the other fine.

I really enjoyed the low odor formula. I never noticed a scent at all! It dries very fast, eliminating the need to wait very long before adding a new layer of color. And I love that the Finesse blending pen is acid free. You just never know when you are coloring something you will want to keep for a very long time!

The solvent in the Finesse pen blended the colors well but did not create mud by over-blending. I liked that. And it did not bleed but rather stayed right where I put it. The instructions say that the Finesse blending pen is formulated to blend wax-based colored pencils. I tried it with oil based colored pencils and it seemed to work with them too.

I think that I will enjoy the Finesse Colored Pencil Blender Pen most for journaling. The portability of its pen structure is so handy. It is quick, clean, and convenient!

Supplies Used:

  • Mixed Media paper
  • Finesse Colored Pencil Blender Pen
  • Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils
    • White
    • Salmon Pink
    • Blue Lake
    • Light Peach
    • French Grey 50%
    • Sienna Brown
    • Indanthrone Blue
    • Cream
    • Black
    • Yellow Ochre
    • Blush
    • Caribbean Sea
    • Blue Violet Lake

Watch as Elizabeth uses the Finesse Colored Pencil Blender Pen to give a painted look to a colored pencil drawing.

Elizabeth Gyles Johnson purchases all of her artist pencils from Jerry's Artarama because of their customer service and great packing of delicate artist pencils for shipping. Here are some other drawings Elizabeth has done with pencils purchased from Jerry's Artarama.

How do you like to blend your colored pencil artwork? Have you tried this great new tool yet? If not, now is your chance to do it! For a limited time while supplies last, we're offering a FREE Finesse Colored Pencil Blender Pen with the purchase of any colored pencil set of $49 or more! But hurry, this Jerry's Exclusive Offer is only valid until May 19th, 2013!


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