2014 Self Portrait Contest Judging Update

Hello Jerry's Customers,

It has been another exciting year for the Jerry's 2nd Annual Self Portrait Contest. We started out in January and received well over 2000 amazing entries. Jerry's customers are truly the best and can really shine! Please enjoy these updates and follow our contest announcements on our contest page or Facebook page.



Round 1 

We are down to choosing the semi-finalists

April 14th-20th, 2014

30 Publicly voted semi-finalists (seen on Facebook)- click here to see

30 Juried Semi-finalists reviewed by a separate jury of professional artists- announced Today


Round 2

All 60 Finalists will then be reviewed by a separate jury of professional artists.


Coming Up- April 21st, 2014

First Place, Second Place, Third Place and 30 Honorable Mentions are announced on the Jerry's Artarama Facebook Page and the Jerry's Artarama Website.

Keep a lookout for all news on our current, ongoing and upcoming contests for your chance to win big by checking out our Jerry's Artarama Contest Page.


Happy 562nd Birthday Leonardo da Vinci

Tuesday April 15th marks this master painter's 562nd birthday!


Although this Tuesday marks tax day, it also marks the birthday of the original Renaissance Man! Leonardo da Vinci was born April 15, 1452 and was renowned for being a true archetype of the Renaissance with areas of expertise in fields such as art, painting, sculpture, anatomy, architecture, music, math, engineering, geology, cartography, botany, and writing.

Although he is well known for his inventions and conceptualization of things like the tank, flying machines and even his own theory of plate tectonics, da Vinci is best known for his artwork including paintings such as the stunning Mona Lisa and the beautiful and descriptive The Last Supper.



The Mona Lisa



The Last Supper

He was also famous in the art world for his sketches and close attention to detail and realism with more of his sketches and journals surviving than his paintings. His Vitruvian Man sketch shows the proportions of the human body and has been referenced culturally on everything from t-shirts to the Euro coin!


The Vitruvian Man

Leonardo da Vinci was a master in many fields and his name now lends a notion that implies master quality and inventiveness. Jerry's Artarama has several products and art supplies with his name on it from oil paints and watercolors to kids' art supplies and studio easels, the name "da Vinci" marks them all!

Da Vinci painting supplies


Da Vinci studio supplies

So celebrate this week for Leonardo da Vinci's birthday! Try one of the many products and supplies with his name on it or even bake a cake and try your hand at copying one of his paintings in frosting on top of it. Get out there and remember what an amazing artist, inventor, genius and true Renaissance Man Leonardo da Vinci truly was!


Jerry's Takes Center Stage at Emerald City Comic Con

Jerry's Artarama Art Classroom saw record numbers at this year's event!


At a very exciting Emerald City Comic Con this year held in Seattle, March 28th-30th, Jerry's Artarama held classes, events, contests and giveaways, all to record numbers. Jerry's Artarama Art Classroom was buzzing for three days with classes filled to standing room only for classes taught by our fabulous teachers Karalyn C. Johnson and Mark A. Nelson from Jerry's Artarama Comic and Illustrative Division!

Amongst the hustle and bustle of collectors, cosplayers, comic enthusiasts, and artists, Jerry's held several events including:

  • Markers and More- taught by Karalyn Johnson. Demonstrating the endless possibilities for textural and atmospheric effects when using markers mixed with other media.
  • To Break Creative Block: Press Play- taught by Karalyn Johnson. This class used an amalgam of media unfamiliar to the artist to challenge and enable them to learn in fun ways to break "creative block." With games, new mediums, and unfamiliar supplies, the artists learned to spark their imaginations and creativity in a new, fun and effective way.
  • Creature Creation- taught by Mark A. Nelson. Mark is the owner and artist of Grazing Dinosaur Press. He is well accomplished in the fantasy field with his artwork featured in Magic: the Gathering, Wizards of the Coast, Dungeons and Dragons and World of Warcraft. In Creature Creation, Mark taught one 90 minute exclusive master class per day on creating your own creatures. 
  • Quick Draw Contest- Sponsored by Jerry's Artarama, Saturday March 29th with fun prizes for entrants.
  • ECCC Kid's Art Corner- including the Lil' Jerry Coloring contest featuring fun prizes for children. 
  • Jerry's supplied amazing art supplies and more for use during the classes and events.

Students work diligently to learn more about Comic Art


 Students participating in raffles for fabulous prizes


One lucky winner of an Artograph Lightpad 

With the classrooms filled, Jerry's teachers were able to teach fans, students and artists alike and learned tips and tricks of the trade from comic book legend and illustrator for games like World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons, Mark A. Nelson. Several artists were given the the chance to sit down one on one with him during a special 90 minute master class where they learned comic illustration secrets and got to use the finest illustrative tools provided from Jerry's Artarama like Marco Raffine Graphite Pencils, Prismacolor Brush Tip Markers, Strathmore Sketchpads, Vanish 4-in-1 Erasers and more for quality designs such as this one:


Jerry's also held several giveaways during the Convention to hand out art supplies and materials for kids and artists such as:

Overall, the event was a huge success with over 3000 visitors stopping in either for a class, to look and shop for supplies or create while inspired by all of the glitz and glamor of Emerald City Comic Con. To all of our teachers and visitors, we say thank you for stopping by and we will see you next year!

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