5 Steps to Turn Negative Artist Thoughts into Positives! by M Theresa Brown

“My work is better than that!”

We’ve all said or thought it. And we probably meant it. But what it really means, when all is said and done, is that we are, at some level, envious of that other artist. So how can we turn this negative thought into a productive, positive action that benefits your art career?

It happens to all artists at some point in their art journeys and careers…A stronger word might even be Jealousy.

When we see an artist making money or gaining recognition, and whose work, we feel, is beneath our own talent, abilities and performance, career jealousy slips to the forefront.

The envy may be cloaked in indignation or supercilious behavior or a scathing critique but no matter how you cut it, it is jealousy nonetheless!

Career jealousy is common. But rather than letting it consume you , you can choose to use it to your advantage. All it truly takes is a change in your attitude and thinking.

Think of the following self defeating comments and ask yourself if you have heard these or said them yourself.,

“If I have to stoop to THAT, I won’t create at all!” or

“I can do that if I put my mind to it!” or the really popular declaration,

“I won’t sell out just to make money!”

What you are really saying is that you are afraid to try. Simply put, by not trying, you have not failed.

Psychologist call this uniquely human trait, the “fear of failure.”

But let’s look at the consequences of this thinking. Does anyone actually care if you don’t create? Who, exactly, are you hurting with that attitude? Your fans? What fans? They don’t know you exist. You are only hurting yourself or fooling yourself that you are what you think you are! And that is the underlying point in the jealousy issue. It is far safer and easier to criticize the efforts of another artist than improve your own artistic techniques or get out and market yourself!

So how can an artist get past the roadblock of career envy and begin to reap the rewards of success?

1. Make an attitude adjustment: Jealousy of others happens. Push it aside if you want to succeed!

2. Learn from the marketing efforts of the successful artist. What are they doing that you are not?

3. Make a Business plan for success in your art field with your art product

4. Keep your negative thoughts to yourself. Don’t walk up to a marketing artist or post comments on the Internet with an insulting attitude. It is the most childish form of jealousy.

5. Determination, perseverance and positiveness need to be your new motto!

An artist happy in his own skin is a pleasure to be around. A jealous artist is an emotional drain and a detriment to himself and to his friends. Take steps not to become that unhappy one. Distance yourself from the negative artist!

If you find your thoughts turning to unproductive envy, turn those thoughts to positive action! Once hard work, perseverance and positiveness replace the negative attitudes, you will be well on your way to pushing the career stumbling blocks of jealousy into the background. The new changes will be life altering for you, your family and your new fans!

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