5 Artistic Ways to Relieve Stress During the Holidays

Don’t Let the Stress of the Season Get You Down!


We know how busy and stressful this time of year can get, and here at Jerry’s we only really have one response to the stress- Art.

While the amount of parties, gifts to buy for people, travel and end-of-the-year work that piles up this time of the year, art can often be the one thing that keeps us all sane. We have talked before about how coloring can lower stress levels and can be used therapeutically. Art as therapy encourages creativity and self expression which can increase personal awareness, self esteem and take your mind off of everything else going on. One of the best parts about art therapy is that you don’t have to be an artist to do it. So here are a few easy suggestions to relieve stress this holiday season with art!

 1. Make a holiday zentangle

Zentangles have been a popular way to sketch and doodle for awhile now and while it has very specific rules to be in black and white, switch them up to more fun colors like red and green. This will give you a fun and festive piece of art that will put you back in the mood to enjoy the holidays again.

2. Make your own holiday postcards

While many people send out generic christmas cards or postcards of their family, why don’t you send out a holiday postcard that is truly personal and creative. This year, design your own postcards with colored pencils, markers, or acrylic paints. This activity gives you a creative outlet to express your feelings to your loved ones, a beautiful postcard to send and a way to make someone else’s holidays a little more special.

3. Make and design your own Dreidel 

This one is fun for adults and kids. An easy project with simple directions. Find a pattern like the one above, color or add your own fun design, put a straw or pencil on top and spin. 

4. Reflect and draw a portrait of your past self

The holidays are often a time of reflection, so take the time and find a picture or portrait of yourself from a year ago or so and draw or paint a new version of the image. Think back over your year and focus on how you’ve grown as a person.

5.Color in a holiday coloring book

A great way to relieve stress and take some quiet time for yourself is just to color. Stay in the lines or draw outside of them. Find a more festive coloring book to keep you in the spirit and to keep you calm. It will make you think more pleasantly about the holidays and allow you to express your creativity. 

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