25 More Perfect Reasons Why Being an Artist is the Best

 When 25 Reasons Just Arent Enough

We all know that being an artist is the best and we released an article awhile ago called 25 Perfect Reasons Why Being an Artist is the Best. That list barely scratched the surface and like a good painting, there are layers to everything that is great about being an artist. So here are a few more reasons why being an artist is the best:

25. Creating art that makes YOU happy.

24. Being able to say whatever you want without caring what anyone else thinks. No filters.

23. Getting out and creating art outside of your studio. Art is everywhere.

22. Having someone commission you to do something you love and have them take an interest in your art.

21. Seeing the world through a lens where the world is your canvas.

20. Displaying your work anywhere public.

19. That sunny day that makes you want to take your easel or sketchbook outside to create.

18. That cold, rainy day where you need nothing more than to be in your warm studio.

17. Knowing that you’re taking place in a creative process that started as early as the earliest man and cave paintings. 

16. Finding just the right music that flows with your creativity just the right way at the just the right time.

15. Creating something that will outlast you and continue to make people happy after you’re gone.

14. Having other creative types agree that your work is perfect and there’s not one thing they would change about your piece.

13. Figuring out exactly what your painting/ sculpture/ sketch needs after a long period of artist’s block.

12. Finishing a particularly difficult piece and the sense of accomplishment with finishing something you wrestled with.

11. Meeting other people who share your love for your art form.

10. Finding a mentor who can open up new avenues for you to improve your art.

9.   Performance art that makes people give you that “What the ****” look.

8.  Finding better brushes, paints and supplies that make you wonder why you never used this in the first place.

7.  Being consumed by visions that you can bring to life visually.

6.  Receiving any kind of award for your art.

5.  Knowing its all about the “sturm und drang”.

4.  Finding a group of other artists that can critique your work and add value to  your craft.

3.  Finding sense in the odd hours your work calls you to.

2.  Knowing that any part of our conscious or unconscious world affects your art and it will show up on way or another

1.  Knowing that your art is yours and it only needs to please you.

Did we get everything this time? What is your favorite reason for being an artist?

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