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Cristina Zinnia Galliher, Director Artful Gathering Online Art Retreats

When I first began experimenting with Turner Gouache Paints, I started out with just a few tubes that included some primary colors and a tube or two of metallics and pearls. I was accustomed to painting with acrylic paints, which I still enjoy using, but I fell in love with the diversity of Turner Gouache and now use it almost exclusively.

I’m an experimental artist and enjoy dabbling in a wide variety of projects that include folk art doll making, journal art, and painting on wood and canvas substrates. I work with combinations of acrylic paints, inks, pencils, and pens. Whatever surface I paint on, Turner Gouache is very adaptable, and these qualities are what hooked me in and turned me into a huge fan.

Turner Photo Cards

The flexibility of this paint allows for the watercolor nature of it’s character to extend beyond the limits of watercolor paper. It’s also great for base layers and can be thickened and lightened with gesso. I’ve also used this paint on surfaces such as paper clay, fabric and even rock. There is a lot of room for experimentation with this paint.

Photo 2 cat turner

Over the years my stock supply of Turner Gouache has grown very quickly. It soon became important to me to create a color chart that would represent the way that I personally apply the paints.

The color sample canvases I’ve created are a spinoff of the Richard Smidt method, with an emphasis on the values I can achieve from painting darkest to lightest.  When I am not using these paints for a watercolor effect, I will mix my paints with gesso.

Photo 3 turner paint

The colors are so beautiful and vivid. You can easily see how my original set of several tubes has now increased quite a bit, but it’s made creating fun and very rewarding.

Photot 4 turner collection

My next video tutorial will be presented at Artful Gathering 2017 and will include a demonstration on how I apply Turner Paints when painting my art dolls. I’ll hope you will join us for our 7th annual online art retreat. Visit us at www.ArtfulGatheringShops.com

Photo 5 sample

If you are participating in the Artful Gathering 2017 Blog Hop be sure to view this video to locate the first word in our blog hop word hunt. Look for our graphic (pictured left) hidden inside the video clip and note the secret word written on it. Good luck!

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