2014 Prismacolor Back to School Contest Winners

Well, we here at Jerry’s Artarama have tallied the results and we’ve finally got our winners for our 2014 Back to School Prismacolor Contest! Each of our winners will receive some fabulous prizes from Jerry’s Artarama and Prismacolor. Here is our gallery of winners:


First Place

 Winner: Caitlin Lee

“I love using Prismacolors because I can blend colors super easily and get a wide range of tones and shades. I really like doing fur in Prismas because I can get that depth of the fur easier than other mediums.”


Second Place

Winner: Natalie Prince


“This was actually my first time using Prismacolors, and boy was I super impressed. I had heard a few reviews on the leads breaking, but I didn’t have that problem at all. The way they blend into a creamy smooth texture is absolutely amazing, and I was using some of the scholars with this. Definitely recommending to friends. Love them so much!”


Third Place

Winner: Emma Nichols


“Prismacolor colored pencils are my favorite colored medium because they offer such a versatile range of techniques. They work well in full color or in simple monochromatic schemes. And they are easy to transport, making them ideal for students like me. Prismacolor products are top of the line!”


Fourth Place

Winner: Sonjamat

“Prismacolor Colored Pencils were one of the first legit, professional art supplies I’ve ever had.” 

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