Putting yourself out there: Coffee Shops & Art

Espresso yo self Your local coffee shop: the smell of coffee brewing and the sounds of the milk being steamed and frothed are iconic to most of us. We know from pop culture and television that your local coffee shop is the coolest place to be and hang out (maybe with your Friends?). But did…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 30/07/2013

Get Social (networking) and Share

Tips for the best times to share your artwork online What’s your first instinct when you’ve finished a fabulous painting or an interesting arts and crafts project? You want to share it with the world, right? Well, in one way, you are very lucky because the internet provides so many different platforms, allowing you to…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 27/07/2013

2013 Turner and SoHo Spring Painting Contest Winners

Check out the amazing winners of our spring painting contests Our most recent contests for the Spring of 2013 Our Turner Watercolor Contest and our SoHo Urban Artist Contest, I must say were very successful. We received so many amazing entries from all of our talented artist friends, it was extremely hard to pick a winner…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 23/07/2013

Make your Art Available in the Internet Age

Tips on why you should make your art digital today! In the internet age we live in, many artists are going digital. With a simple Google search, we have access to more works of art than ever. And by putting artwork online, artists can gain many benefits. Some of these benefits include: Find potential buyers…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 20/07/2013

What’s the Buzz – Fabriano Watercolor Paper & Gallery Soft Pastels

  Mungyo Gallery Soft Pastels & Fabriano Artistico Watercolor Paper Often, the best way to find out about a hot product on the market is to listen to what your friends and fellow artists have to say about it. We do this all the time. So today, we decided to check out the buzz on…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 18/07/2013

Happy Birthday Rembrandt

A birthday wish to a true master If you saw the google homepage yesterday, you might have recognized a familiar face. Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn is known as one of the greatest painters and printmakers in Dutch and European history and yesterday he would have turned 407 years old. So from all of us at…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 16/07/2013

What your Favorite Color Says about You

Know thy true colors Life is splashed with color. Anywhere we look, we encounter the dreamy blues of the sky or ocean, the gritty browns of the earth, and the vibrant greens of nature. We outfit our homes with our favorite colors. But how often do we stop and think about how these colors make…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 13/07/2013

The Artists’ Studio: What Yours Can Look Like

Designing your perfect studio Some people can be creative anywhere they go and sketch the perfect sketch or paint the perfect painting, others gather their creativity from the environment around them. Having an artist’s studio is the perfect way to create a space purely for the sake of making art. They are completely customizable to…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 11/07/2013

Get Inspired!

Looking for a little extra artistic inspiration this summer? Well, look no further! Jerry’s Artarama is proud to be the exclusive sponsor of the Summer 2013 issue of Inspired, a free quarterly fine arts e-magazine presented by ArtistsNetwork.com. Inspired, a property of F+W Media Inc.-publishers of The Artist’s Magazine, Watercolor Artist, Pastel Journal, Drawing, Southwest…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 09/07/2013

Matisse Derivan: The Company, The Acrylics, The Vision

  Matisse Derivan, Australia’s leader in Acrylic paints has long been special in the eyes of it’s patrons. Since 1964, Derivan has been striving to offer not only a wide variety of high quality, high pigmented acrylics, but also be environmentally friendly and socially conscious. And from their humble beginnings starting out in Sydney’s inner…..

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Jerrys Blog Squad -- 08/07/2013