2013 Turner and SoHo Spring Painting Contest Winners

Check out the amazing winners of our spring painting contests

Our most recent contests for the Spring of 2013 Our Turner Watercolor Contest and our SoHo Urban Artist Contest, I must say were very successful. We received so many amazing entries from all of our talented artist friends, it was extremely hard to pick a winner in either contest. It took multiple rounds of voting, but here’s who we decided was the best of the best!

First up, our Turner Spring Painting Contest Winners



First Place Winner

“Peaceful Water Garden”
by Kimberly Wakeman

“I am a HUGE fan of Turner Watercolors because of their brilliant color hues, smooth blending with the water on the paper, and super mix-ability which allows me to create subtle, moody watercolor scapes, or bolder, brighter watercolor scenes. You will be SO pleased with the Turner Watercolor range! I am hooked!”


Second Place Winner

“Out of It”
by Marcel Franquelin

“I draw in graphite, charcoal, soft pastel and pen and ink. I paint with oil, acrylics (airbrushed) and watercolor. I like to pick the medium best suited for my subject. Watercolor is the least forgiving medium of all; it is all about preparation, long thinking and fast acting. because of its difficulty, it can get quite pricey and frustrating, especially when the colors do not “react” as intended, turning out to look weak, or fading away with time. Turner watercolors are reasonably priced, concentrated and lightfast; what’s not to like? Watercolor work is demanding enough to the artist, having a medium of quality on your side is a must, and I definitely recommend Turner


Third Place Winner

“Southern Migration by Moonlight”
by Frank Wilson

“As a full time, professional artist since 1971, I have tried and experimented with many brands of gouache paint. I have found that, among them all, Turner Designer Gouache is my choice color because it is consistently superior in the dense pigment load and exact color match from tube to tube. I easily make rich, vibrant textures and broken color with a velvety finish with Turner Gouache that are often mistaken to be pastels! Turner Designer Gouachelends itself to the wide variety of application methods that I use in each of my paintings; sponging, scrubbing, knife painting, splattering, dip-pens, airbrushing, as well as the use of more traditional hog bristle, camel hair and sable brushes. The realism I achieve is made easier because I know my paints are consistent from batch to batch and I can depend on the full color saturation of Turner Designer Gouache to achieve very deep to very delicate passages of color, and heavy, rich textures. Even the engineering of the tubes is superior to other brands resulting in ease of use and less color loss! I heartily recommend Turner Gouache paints to my gouache workshop participants.”


And our SoHo Spring Contest Winners,



First Place Winner

by Dorian Gray

“I love the smoothness of and drying time of SoHo Paints. It gives me just enough time for it to dry from week to week. I also love the brilliance of these paints and how easily they glide onto the canvas and how, like people they mingle with interaction.”


Second Place Winner

by Wendy Wu

“I bought a set of SoHo Urban Artist colored pencils and it turns out to be perfect for this image. The brilliant shades of red make the Qipao dress come to life. I wanted the whole painting to have a warm color scheme and I was able to blend layers of color to get that effect. I would definitely recommend SoHo colored pencils to other artists”


Third Place Winner

“Man and His Best Friend”
by Armando Araujo

“Since moving to the US a year ago, I have been to the Jerry’s Artarama stores. Once I began buying SoHo products, I was amazed. I feel it is a quality product as well as a good priced one. I have many brands that I could choose but I do prefer SoHo”


For our honorable mentions, see the rest of our SoHo contest winners


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