Copyright by Valerie (Valry) Drake

(Before reading this article you should know that I am not qualified to give legal advice. I’m just telling you what I do.) I expect that am just like most of you, I have never seriously considered copyrighting my artwork. But I am trying to get my artwork licensed, and the licensing industry is one…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 28/06/2010

Art Tips Contest Winner!

Jerry’s is now helping artists help artists by sharing their art tips!  Art Tips are constantly being sent in and then posted in our Community section.  As a bonus, each Art Tip entered qualifies that person to receive a $250 gift card!  Robin Borland was our very first winner! Robin generously used her gift card…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 23/06/2010

Don’t Forget to Protect Your Artwork

You’ve just finished a piece of art and it’s fantastic and you can’t wait to display it or sell it. You haven’t applied a protective coating because you love what you have done and are not sure what a coating will do to your art. So you think you are better off doing nothing. Here’s…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 22/06/2010

How to use Krylon® Gallery Series™ Quick Dry for Oil Paintings

Spray varnishes, fixatives and other art coatings are very easy to apply to your artwork, but before you point and spray, don’t forget to read the directions.  Fine art spray coatings can vary a great deal in how they are applied because they can vary dramatically in how they are made and what they do. …..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 22/06/2010

Prepaing to Sell – Portfolios and Details by Valerie (Valry) Drake

As artists we love to create – but when it comes to the details of selling we are sometimes a little reluctant. Just in case I get someone who actually wants to know about my work, I have to have a artist portfolio to show them. Whether this person is a potential customer, gallery owner,…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 21/06/2010

AOC Update June 17, 2010

For the past couple of weeks, I have been trying to put together the major puzzle for AOC, which is the schedule for the show: when the artist teaches, which room, based on how many students I think will sign up and all based on their own personal wishes, and various tasks they may be…..

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Jerrys Blog Squad -- 17/06/2010

When Art Grants End by M Theresa Brown

  The art world is all up in arms. Every place you turn to there is some article about the government or the states reducing or eliminating public money for artist grants. Frantic emails are sent out, art groups gather to protest the fund reductions and open Facebook polls. But there is not an organization…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 17/06/2010

Painting in Your Own Backyard by Deb Bartos

This sounds like something you would do if you were three and your mother was hanging clothes on the line.  It is really excellent art education advice.  Ordinary and mundane objects can be the best subjects ever.  An added advantage is not wasting time or money on the commute to painting expeditions. Consider the impressionists…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 16/06/2010

Paintings Paint Themselves by Valerie (Valry) Drake

At least in my dreams they do. Vibrant slashes of brilliant hues dance across the canvas. Big wide paintbrushes dip into soft, buttery mounds of paint on huge pallets and then lift and float to add to the beauty. Sometimes I can actually see the paintings in progress. Other times I only see paintbrushes and…..

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Jerry’s Blog Team -- 14/06/2010


Last night I went to go see “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” A friend recommended the film and I saw the reviews. I knew I would love it but I never guessed how inspiring and thought provoking the film would be. It is the story of Thierry Guetta, an eccentric French “film maker” who befriended…..

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Jerrys Blog Squad -- 11/06/2010