15 Ways to Get Inspired This Spring

Break out of getting bogged down!

Although many good things come out of winter, towards the end of January when the holiday cheer has worn off and the cold weather and ice become draining, winter can sap our creativity. Creating art feels more like work and takes effort instead of being a joy to be able to create. So to take us all out of our creative funks, here are 15 fun ways to get inspired to create this spring.


1. Go visit a museum. I know this sounds basic but hear me out. Go see the works of others, and many art museums have seasonal exhibits. Plus they have heat so they’re warm during the winter. Or, if you really want to get creative, go to a different kind of museum and get inspired by science or history!

2. Let your mind wander. Sit quietly. Turn off your music, your computer, and your phone. Shut the windows. When its good and quiet and everything is still, let your mind wander and follow it wherever it goes. It will probably lead you to a better idea than what you were trying to create in the first place.

3. Start yourself over. Get up, go take a shower, brush your teeth, comb your hair and change outfits. Simple exercises like basic maintenance can clear our heads and forcing ourselves to change outfits can spark creativity and change up our way of thinking. 

4. Change up your environment. Clean up, move things around, and give yourself a new perspective. 

5. Create a story for your artwork. If you’re painting a landscape, tell yourself what happened there and give that place it’s own story.  It will help you get emotionally invested in your work.

6. Do something else with your hands. Instead of painting or drawing, start writing or play an instrument. Give your hands something to keep them busy and it will loosen them up as well as your mind.

7. Make a big mistake. Is your painting not quite coming out the way you want it to? Are you stuck because something isn’t coming out just right? Put a big splotch of paint on your canvas and force yourself to clean that up or paint over it. Solving a much bigger problem will train you not to focus on the little things.

8. Look ahead. Think about spring and summer weather. Fantasize about what you could do if it were warm, and all the sights and sounds and smells that would go along with it. Get excited about it. Now use that excitement to do something fun and warm and maybe even tropical on your sketch pad or canvas.

9. Blast the music and dance! Blare some fun music and let yourself dance to it. Find something you don’t usually listen to and make up your own dance moves. This will help your body find it’s creative process. 

10. Test yourself. Give yourself something simple to do and then time yourself. Set a limit to do something and then try and beat it. You’ll find that you can do anything you set your mind to.

11. Switch things up. Change your medium, if you only draw, try painting, or if you only paint, try sketching. Draw with your left hand instead of your right and let it challenge you. 

12. Talk to an old friend or distant family member. Catch up, reminisce and indulge on good memories of past events.

13. Take a power nap. Don’t overthink it, but half the time creativity is escaping us, its just the fact that we haven’t properly rested our brains. Get a quick sleep in and wake up refreshed and renewed!

14. Invent a pointless rule to your artwork. Try painting without the use of a pivotal color or drawing but only in squares. Limits force your brain to be creative and inventive.

15. Don’t get bogged down. You’re a talented artist. Don’t think that you’re a failure because you cant move past a certain thing or can’t think of a good idea for a piece. You are special and will think of something amazing. Just have fun with whatever you’re working on and let it take you where it needs to. A bad piece won’t ruin your life or career and people want to see what comes out of your heart, so create what makes you happy. Do what you want to do and don’t worry what others will think. After all, our biggest inspirations come from ourselves!

Did this help? Do you feel inspired now? Did we miss any key tips that help you get inspired? Let us know in the comments below!

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