10 Art Journaling Prompts to Try Out This Summer

Keep your Creativity Alive during these Long Hot Summer Days

Summer is full of inspiration and provides some great chances for artists to grow and explore their own artwork. Art journaling is a terrific way to learn about your own artistic talent and grow your creativity on a daily basis. Here are some simple summer ideas to keep you journaling this summer:

1. Sunshine

Draw, sketch or paint your love for the sun and warmth and bright days.

2. Fourth of July Fireworks

Fireworks are so much fun to draw, paint and play around with on paper. Capture the strands of sparks with long, thick, curled lines.

3. Vacation

Did you or do you plan to take a road trip or fly somewhere exotic this summer? Journal your memories or new experiences.

4. The Water

Is there a better way to spend the hot days than by the pool/beach/lakeshore? Describe how being in or near the water makes you feel and illustrate it.

5. Baseball Games

Go to a baseball game, bring you journal and a pen or pencil and capture the experience of America’s favorite pastime.

6. Ice cream/ Popsicles

Theres no better way to beat the heat, so journal about your favorite treat.

7. Picnics

Think about all the colors between the food, nature, the picnic basket, blanket etc.

8. Taking a nap under a tree or beach umbrella

If you sketch or paint it, try and capture the shadows created and focus on the shaded areas.

9. The Stars

With so many cloudless nights out, documenting the stars through sketch, coloring and painting.

10. Your Best Childhood Memories of Summer

Think of all the summer memories you had growing up and capture or reinterpret those fun and meaningful moments with art!

Have any great inspirations for Art Journaling this summer? Let us know in the comments section. To learn more about Art Journaling, check out our article Art Journaling Can Improve Your Creativity!

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