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Choose your subject and paint your masterpiece.

With a variety of beautiful finishes and a wide array of sizes, Plein Air Frames make it easier than ever to frame your art and give it the perfect finishing touch.

Each Plein Air Frame comes with D-ring hanging hardware and screws, so its fast and easy to get your artwork and photos up on the wall for display.

Now that your artwork is truly complete, sit back and enjoy the elegant way your new Plein Air Frame complements your art and your favorite space.

Elegant Frames with Timeless Style

With a simple yet elegant design, Plein Aire frames are perfect for framing all works of art from traditional painted landscapes and portraits to modern digital prints and photography. The 3" wide flat moulding enhances the beauty of your artwork, while the 1/2" deep rabbet allows for framing flat artworks behind glass or 3/4" deep canvas with the use of offset clips.

Plein Aire Frames are superbly constructed with back corner braces. Their solid wood composition is coated in gesso to ensure a smooth, blemish-free surface. Available in Gold, Silver, Black and Mahogany finishes. Includes hanging hardware.

Classic Plein Air Style that's anything but Plain
  • Solid wood composition, 3" wide moulding with raised edge
  • 1/2" rabbet depth allows for glass, one mat and 1/8" backing board
  • 1/4" off-set clips are needed for 3/4" canvas fitting, sold separately
  • 4 beautiful finishes: Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf, Black and Mahogany
  • Sturdy gessoed wood construction with back corner braces
  • Comes supplied with D-ring hanging hardware and screws
  • Available for purchase individually or in boxes of 10 frames
  • Perfect for framing traditional paintings, modern prints and photographs
  • Beautiful, classic design complements any decor
Designed to fit any style and space.

Customer Reviews for Plein Aire Frames

5 Stars This is my frame of choice for just about all my paintings. It's extremely well constructed, much less expensive that similar frames in area retail stores, AND it comes in it's own protective box with the framing hardware.

-- Suzanne from Atlanta, GA

5 StarsI needed something stately but kind of neutral for two portraits I had done for public school lobbies. There also had to be a flat area on the frame for nameplates. We had a framing budget and these frames seemed to be just what we needed - and they were! They really set off the paintings without commanding attention away from the painting itself. I also ordered a crate of the smaller sized gold Plein Aire just to have on hand for smaller paintings.

-- Miss Kathleen from Williamsburg, VA

Average Rating 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

Average Rating
4.5 out of 5 Stars