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Old Holland Classic Watercolors and Mediums

Each watercolor has so much pigment the tubes must be filled by hand!

Old Holland Classic Watercolors are super intense colors made from extremely concentrated formulas. Old Holland, a leader in quality oil colors, has emerged as a quality leader in watercolor. Old Holland spent ten years assembling a range of 168 light-fast watercolors with the maximum degree of pigmentation that could be achieved. 

For good transparency, a binder was formulated based on distilled water in which bleached gum types, pure glycerine (99.9%), natural sugar syrups, honey, rabbit skin glue and seaweed extract are dissolved. The color packs the greatest punch of any existing brand and is totally reliable with ASTM 1 or 2 lightfast ratings. Due to its highly concentrated nature, each color has an unsurpassed tonal range.

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