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Shop for Masking Tapes and Fluids

Here at Jerry's Artarama, we carry a wide variety of watercolor masking tapes, fluids and cover-ups. Some of our favorite products in this category include Aquacover™, which comes in various shades of white to specifically match watercolor paper from your favorite brands! You never have to worry about starting over with this handy touch-up!

Another wonderful product is the Masquepen, which was discovered by our friend David Ford in his travels to England. The Masquepen is an ingenious item that features a polyethylene bottle with a 1 oz reservoir bottle of high quality masking fluid and a .8 mm nylon nib. To apply, gently squeeze bottle and apply thin or thick lines, small dots, designs or large areas through its pen style hollow nib. No fiddling with applicators or throwing out brushes anymore!
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