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MaimeriBlu Superior Watercolours and Sets

Pure, Simple, and Extraordinarily Transparent

In designing the palette of 72 colors, preference was given to the pigments offering the greatest transparency, without prejudice, attempting to achieve top quality and lightfastness in the simplest possible way. Fifty-two colors are pure, consisting of a single pigment bound with authentic top quality gum arabic from Sudan and distilled water. The clear, fresh tone of watercolor painting is the result of the exceptional clarity of the colors.
MaimeriBlu pans are still made by hand. In order to ensure that the product is not adulterated with additives or artificial processes which would alter its genuine quality, Maimeri still performs a number of stages in preparation of individual pans by traditional manual methods. Thus the purity of formula and composition that is the true quality of these watercolors is preserved. 
"Over-the-top," as Gianni would say—MaimeriBlu are the absolute finest watercolors you can use. Every color exhibits the maximum light fastness and the maximum color concentration. Made with the best binder available—a gum Arabic from Kordofan which is an almost completely clear and elastic medium, totally soluble in water, yielding the purest and most brilliant tones. Pans are hand filled, left to dry, wrapped in gold aluminum foil, lined with wax paper and finally labeled. They are a dream come true for the pan watercolor artist. We guarantee your satisfaction. In our opinion these colors are priced well below market so we suggest that you take advantage as long as these prices prevail.
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