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M. Graham Watercolors

M. Graham Watercolors--Founded by Artists, for Artists!

Founded by artists, M. Graham combines only pure gum arabic and natural blackberry honey with exceptional amounts of pigment to create their brilliant, professional watercolors.  Paint wets and dilutes easily even after sitting dry on the palette for extended time between painting sessions. Honey keeps paint moist longer and allows for smooth fluid color application. It also increases the ability to hold increased pigment concentrations, making for brilliant, clear color with high pigment load. A "Green" company, M. Graham brings environmentally-conscious watercolorists a professional paint they can enjoy using!

Key Features:

  • Only the finest, purest pigment sources used
  • No fillers, extenders, binders, or preservatives
  • Pure gum arabic and blackberry honey are sole binders
  • Watercolors made in small, hand-crafted batches
  • Artist tested to ensure exceptional quality
Perfect For:

  • Amateur to professional artists
  • Brilliant watercolor paintings
  • Environmentally concerned artists
  • Instructors, teachers, students
  • Artists who want products made by artists, for artists
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