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Winsor & Newton Artisan Water-Mixable Oils

Just because oil and water don't mix in your kitchen doesn't mean there aren't other methods to make them happy in each other's company. A most effective route is through the addition of a chemical emulsifier that has an attraction on one side of the molecule for water and, on the other, for oil. The result? A happy match made, if not in heaven, at least in the laboratory.

  • Mix with Water - Artisan provides all the characteristics expected from conventional oil color: High pigment strength, a high proportion of single pigments, and variable opacity. The key difference is their ability to be mixed with water even though they are made with traditional oil binders. Chemical analysis has indicated that any added water fully leaves the paint film within a short time; no water remains "trapped" to weaken or loosen the color on the canvas.
  • Drying Time - The water evaporates out of the paint film fairly rapidly leaving behind a conventional oil color that dries by oxidation, as normal. Adhesion and drying time have been shown to be comparable to conventional oil color. Research has also shown that the dried Artisan film is similar to a conventional oil film in solvent resistance, yet remains slightly softer than conventional colors, offering increased flexibility, which is a very good thing. Your canvas can flex with changes in temperature and humidity; a paint film that will go along with it will better resist cracking or lifting.
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