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LUKAS Berlin Water-Mixable Oils

LUKAS Berlin Water-Mixable Oils

Germany's Finest! Professional Quality - New and Improved Formula!

LUKAS Berlin Water-Mixable Oil colors are the perfect paints to work with for the environmentally conscious painter—safer to use than traditional oil colors, with professional results! This professional quality line of 40 colors have all of the excellent features of LUKAS' most popular oil paints, but eliminate the need for harsh chemicals and toxic solvents. With a new and improved, cleaner formula, these colors are made with high-quality pigments and a special, modified binder made from natural materials such as linseed and sunflower oils. Unlike most other oil paints, LUKAS Berlin oil colors can be mixed or thinned directly with water to produce the same effects as other oil paints would with more toxic solvents like turpentine or mineral spirits. This ability also makes brush clean up easy with only soap and water needed. A beeswax additive gives each paint a smooth buttery consistency that is a joy to paint with—compare its quality and feel with other brands and you will see the difference! Buy direct from the importer and save big!

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