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Sumi brushes and pens: a thousand strokes in one!

All who explore the wonderful world of the Sumi brush will find that it naturally promotes an artistic mood of tranquility and creativity. Beginners will find that the Sumi brush is a generous and forgiving artistic tool and more advanced artists will find an unlimited range of effects to explore. Sumi brushes have a history and design dating back to antiquity and offer the beginning, intermediate and advanced painter both great control and expressivity due to their unique balance of firmness and flexibility. The Bill Buchman Sumi "Zen" brush series consists of finely pointed brushes of exceptional quality that are hand-made by master craftsmen. The brushes are ample and of particularly fine quality generally not available in the US until now. The various sizes of these brushes are especially well suited for the artist who wishes to work freely and on a bigger scale. The brush heads have just the right balance: The firmness is sufficient to encourage great accuracy and control while the softness and play promotes expressivity. They may be used with all free flowing water media: watercolors, gouache, liquid acrylic, acrylic gouache, acrylic and "tech" inks, Sumi and India inks, liquid watercolors, and all other water media.

"I use Sumi brushes because I find them to be the most expressive. Using the Sumi Brush is like having a thousand brushes in one. These brushes have a history dating back to antiquity. Whereas Western brushes are designed to hold their shape, the Eastern brush changes shape with every stroke. Becoming sensitive to the possibilities inherent in the shape of the brush after every stroke and being mindful of the exact amount and opacity of the ink remaining on the brush head are the keys to mastery of the Sumi brush. Yet even for the beginner, the Sumi brush is a generous and forgiving artistic tool."

— Bill Buchman, Professional Artist

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