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Lascaux Spray Fixative & UV Protect Varnishes

World’s finest spray fixative and UV protectant spray varnishes. This acrylic fixative is as clear as water, extremely lightfast, resistant to aging and non-matte. Excellent for fixing works done with pastel, pencil, charcoal, wax crayon, india ink, tempera and watercolor. Use it as a final varnish for acrylics and oils. Nothing beats Lascaux fix for sealing photographs, photostats, art prints, lithographs, proofs and gold leaf. Lascaux fix seals without aging and forms a lightfast, invisible scratchproof seal. Contains no fluorocarbons. UV Protect Spray- Protect your pastel works from UV rays, dust and other pollutants over time with these UV Protect Sprays available in Gloss, Semi-Matte and Matte. Composed of a pure acrylic polymer containing a highly effective UV absorber, UV Protect is lightfast, age-resistant, and non-yellowing.

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