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Schmincke Mussini Fine Artists' Oil Colors and Mediums

Schmincke Mussini Fine Artists' Resin Oil Colors are the only oil color that uses the formulas of the great masters to provide unparalleled brilliance and luminosity in your paintings and a truly reliable paint film. That’s because Mussini colors are formulated with less traditional oils replaced by Damar Resin. Scientifically formulated with an array of oils to create brilliant colors throughout the line and balance color strenghts for predictable colors blends. This new updated range incorporates 42 transparent colors that make glazing so much easier than with any other color. Imported from Germany.

This unique resin oil paint is named for Cesare Mussini. Born June 9th, 1804 in Berlin, Mussini gained his fame as a painter who mainly did portrait and religious painting. In 1820 he started his studies at the Academy of Florence; later on he also worked as professor at this Academy. Cesare Mussini died May 24th,1879 at the age of 75 years in Florence.
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