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Old Holland Classic Oil Colors and Mediums

These colors are made in the oldest artist's paint factory in the world! Established in 1664, Old Holland Classic Oil Colors have been used by Van Gogh, Vermeer, Van Ruysdael and other Dutch masters. All colors are completely lightfast except Madder Lakes and Cremnitz White which are nearly lightfast. All colors are manufactured using stone rollers that won't change the color of the paints (metal will oxidize Cadmium colors). Only pure cold-pressed linseed oil is mixed into the pigment.

All colors are free of cheap fillers and artificial driers. Therefore all colors have the highest possible concentration of pigments providing great covering power, strength of color and color intensity. These colors are extremely concentrated and may be blended to a huge variety of shades. Although they are expensive at first glance, these colors are an excellent value when comparing the amount of pigment that you are buying. Due to their high pigment concentration these colors will go farther than other oil colors when you're covering your canvas due to their opacity or when mixing with white or gels to obtain a desired shade. They are one of the world's finest and available in an incredible array of 162 colors.
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