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Shop for Michael Harding Artists Oil Colours Mediums and Sets

Michael Harding Handmade Artists Oil Colours are loved by many well-established artists!

"Michael Harding paints work perfectly for getting the color and edges that I want in my paintings." -- Jeremy Lipking

"These Michael Harding paints that I'm using are doing exactly what he said - they're changing my life !!!" -- CW Mundy

"Don't know what Michael Harding puts into his oil paints, but they look, feel and act a world apart from everything I have used before. They shimmer differently, lay differently, cover differently, hold the stroke differently, move around canvas differently, redirect and merge - just a different animal all together. They stay as you need it, move when you need it and blend where you need it, just a damn wonder. Michael Harding are paints of rare combination of strength and elegance. Can paints make you a better painter? probably not....unless its Michael Harding oil paints, Cheers to great paints!" -- Alexey Steele

Michael Harding Professional Artists Oil Colours


  • Handmade oil colours
  • Rich and creamy consistency
  • Highest pigment load
  • No added artificial driers, fillers or extenders
  • Professional quality, preferred by top artists
  • High lightfastness ratings


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