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Shop for Daler-Rowney Georgian Oil Colors and Accessories

Traditionally crafted to provide bright, brilliant, artist quality oils!

Named for their creation in 1783, during the Georgian era of England, Daler-Rowney Georgian oil colors have withstood the test of time due to their lustrous consistency, permanency and vivid colors.Even during our modern age, Georgian oil colors have continued to be produced in England. They also remain traditionally crafted and triple milled! Georgian oil colors are particularly renowned for their high pigment loads, smooth and buttery consistency, easy mixing with different mediums and of course, their wide variety of colors. Daler-Rowney Georgian oil colors are available in 54 different pigments, consisting of 24 single pigment colors and 31 opaque or semi-opaque colors. Choose from our wide selection of Daler-Rowney oil colors listed below for an exceptional painting experience!

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