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Blockx Oil Colors and Mediums

The oil color choice of Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali and Frank Stella!

Blockx oil colors are pure, rich colors that make communication of your ideas simpler and more natural.  When you hold a tube of Blockx Oil Color, you are holding the color of hundreds of the finest artists in history—that not only use and used the color but swore by it. Blockx is a bit more expensive than other artists' oil colors, but worth it. Blockx has been producing quality colors since 1865, and has been made in the same way in Belgium by family members for over 140 years

Today Blockx is the oldest artist paint manufacturer continuously run and operated by a family. Blockx illustrious story began when Jacques Blockx, a noted chemist at the time, was asked by his artist friends to make reliable oil colors that would be permanent and extremely expressive. His formulas for permanent and lightfast colors are legendary and carefully guarded by the Blockx family today. 

Iron oxides, earths and blacks are each ground with linseed oil, but for all other pigments Blockx uses pure poppy seed oil,  which prevents yellowing and dries without wrinkling or mottling. Colors are so vivid that artists who first experience Blockx are overwhelmed with their natural beauty. Blockx oils are a true tactile experience as they are creamy but firm and allow the artist to feel the color under brush or painting knife. Blockx oils can improve your results and at the very least make your painting experience more pleasurable and rewarding. We sell all 84 colors in both 35ml studio tubes and 200ml professional tubes.
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