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R&F Handmade Encaustic Paints

Explore new creative avenues with R&F Encaustics—handmade wax based paints with brilliant pigments and unique properties you won't find anywhere else!

In the simplest of terms, encaustics are a type of wax-based paint. If you've never tried this fascinating media, let us tempt you with a huge array of powerful colors and unique properties to extend your talents! R&F Encaustics are made here in the USA with traditional milling machines, a very controlled and slow process. There are no additives and dryers in these paints, so the color is strong and brilliant, allowing the individual characteristics of each pigment to come shining through. Only the best pigments and materials go into R&F products, making these encaustics the very best you can get! 

Regular 104 ml Blocks measure 3-3/8" × 1-1/2" × 1-1/4".
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