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Shop for R&F Handmade Encaustic Paint Sets

Convenient paint sets for encaustic artists of any skill level!

Whether you are an encaustic beginner or an experienced painter in wax, R&F has got a set of encaustic paints and materials perfect for you! These fine handmade paints and mediums are the modern incarnation of an ancient painting technique, and have received a new life in recent years. Get a set to try out this unique medium today, or as a fantastic gift for an artist friend!

  • Limited Edition Starter Set -- The collaboration encaustic artists have been waiting for! R&F sets have always been packaged neatly within a FREE Ampersand Encausticbord. Now, to add to the set is a FREE catalyst tool! This Limited Edition R&F set includes 1 Catalyst 01 miniblade, 1 Ampersand 1.5" Encaustibord 8x10", 2 5x7" Flat Ampersand Encausticbord, 2 Rectangular Palette Cups, 1 Bag of Soy Wax, 1 Bag of Encaustic Medium, 2  1" Hake Brushes and one 40ml Paint Bar of Titanium White, Indian Yellow, Quinacridone Red, Ultramarine Blue, and Cromium Oxide.

  • Limited Edition Set of 3 Blocks – This set of three limited edition colors is available only while supplies last. This set includes 40ml blocks of Azo Orange, Cobalt Teal and Unbleached Titanium. 
  • Starter Kit – Take the guesswork out of getting started in encaustics with this great all-in-one kit. Including five 40ml blocks of encaustic paint, 4oz each of encaustic medium and soy wax, 2 Hake brushes, 2 metal palette cups, 2 flat 5x7" and 1 cradled 8x10" Encausticbord, a color chart and a technical packet, all you need to add is heat!
  • Color Sets – Color assortments for more established encaustic artists, designed to expand your palette! Includes six 40ml blocks of encaustic paint nestled in a 6x6" cradled Encausticbord panel from Ampersand. Available in Translucent, Cadmium, and Metallic color selections.
  • Essentials Studio Kit – More than the Starter Kit, but not quite as much as the Complete Set, the Essentials Kit is the ideal gift for any encaustics enthusiast!  Includes R&F's signature anodized aluminum 12x12" palette, a heat gun, palette cups, brushes, encaustic gesso and medium, soy wax for clean up, 2 Ampersand Encausticbord panels, and 16 brilliant colors of 40ml R&F encaustic blocks in both opaque and transparent shades.
  • Complete Studio Set – The ultimate encaustic studio set-up! Includes everything you need, from gesso and paints to medium and paraffin wax for clean up, as well as a heated palette with thermometer, a heat gun, 3 palette cups, "The Art of Encaustic Painting" book by Joanne Mattera, and a hand-painted color chart.
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