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Egg Tempera Paints, Casein Colors, and Mediums

Egg tempera is water soluble and highly archival as a medium for fine art painting, restoration, and icon painting. It is perfect as an underpainting for oil painters, or for artists seeking a highly pigmented, professional alternative to harsh oil colors and solvents.

Sennelier Egg Tempera is made with famous Sennelier pigments and a centuries old egg emulsion recipe.

Casein is a water-soluble protein found in milk that is used as a binder for creating casein paints. They are fast-drying and can be thinned with water. Casein is sometimes used as an underpainting for oil and acrylic painting.

What brush should I use with Casein and how should it be cleaned? - You can use almost any kind of brush depending on the effect you want to create everything from stiff white brushes to soft hair watercolor brushes, oil brushes, Chinese brushes and fine points for tempera style. Because it dries quickly, Casein can be hard on brushes, so make sure you clean them thoroughly with gentle soap and water or a commercial cleaner when your painting day is over.

What kind of water should I use with Casein? - Some people recommend distilled water, but ordinary tap water seems to work just fine.

Is Casein archival? - Yes. Properly done and with a protective varnish, Caseins can last longer than oils, especially oils on canvas. They will not crack or yellow and are perfect for art restoration.

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