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Turner Acryl Gouache and Mediums

The world's finest acrylic gouache for illustrative techniques!

For the Turner Acryl Gouache color chart: Click Here >

Turner's impressive color line of 219 colors is the world's finest acrylic gouache for illustrative techniques. Incredibly versatile, it will adhere to most substrates like wood, acrylic boards, stone, cloth, clay, metal, slate, glass, aluminum, iron, hard vinyl, styrofoam, stretched canvas, and properly-sized artist's papers.

Turner Acryl Gouache is quick drying and water-reducible (2:1 paint to water ratio), yet water resistant when dry. It can be applied in multiple layers with no bleeding or streaking, while retaining a velvet-like, matte finish and brilliant color hue. The 9 color line range offers intense, dazzling colors for all techniques!

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