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Old Holland New Masters Classic Acrylics and Mediums

Over seven years ago, the chemists at Old Holland started initial research on a range of Classic Acrylic Colors and Mediums. It was a long-held dream of the late owner of Old Holland, Professor Theo de Beer, to create an acrylic paint worthy of carrying the brand name "Old Holland" (or "Scheveningen" as they are still known in Europe because of the city in which they were originally manufactured). He personally named the project "New Masters" as he felt that just as Old Holland Oils were used in the works of many of the old Dutch masters, it should thus follow that Old Holland Acrylics would be used today by the new masters of Art. 

The expertise of Old Holland in manufacturing oils dates back to 1664. While acrylics were not invented until nearly 300 years later, Old Holland believes that its history in Classic Oils has uniquely enabled the company to create a range of Classic Acrylics. 

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