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LUKAS Acrylic Mediums

LUKAS Acrylic Mediums

Improve your Acrylics!

Heighten your acrylic painting experience with this line of professional acrylic mediums by LUKAS! Just add a small amount of any of these mediums to your palette and you can instantly transform your acrylic's abilities. Several of these mediums, including the Gel Retarder, the Cryl Medium #1 and the Retarding Medium significantly prolong the drying time of acrylics, making them perfectly suited for wet-on-wet techniques. This collection of mediums makes an excellent addition to an adventurous artist's repertoire.
Lukas Structure Gels- Creates an iridescent luster or gloss when applied alone or mixed with acrylics. Water-insoluble.

Lukas Structure Paste-
Used for building texture. Can be applied alone or mixd with acrylics. Color is retained when dry.

Lukas Modeling Paste-
Used for building texture. Water-insoluble, metallic pastes lose their sheen when mixed with acrylics and texture-based pastes can be mixed or painted over with acrylic colors.

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