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GOLDEN Digital Mediums and Gel Topcoats

Mix More Media!

GOLDEN Digital Grounds turn just about any relatively flat surface into an ink-jet printable surface, providing the control and freedom to create textures and surfaces at whatever scale and shape desired.

Along with the Digital Grounds, GOLDEN is also introducing two completely new Gel Topcoats with UVLS available in both Gloss and Semi-Gloss sheens. These gels can be used to add texture, create a clear barrier prior to working with paint or other materials, modify sheen, and provide a non-removable, water-based topcoat while also having the benefit of ultra violet light filters and stabilizers for protection against fading. 

While initially developed as a topcoat for digital prints, the new GOLDEN Gel Topcoats are fully compatible with other GOLDEN Gels, Mediums, and Acrylic Colors and therefore, can be used whenever their attributes are needed.

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