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The Artist's Choice Since 1783

Cryla Artists' Acrylics - Newly reformulated, the Cryla Artists' Acrylic range now has 87 colors and a feel that is similar to the buttery consistency of oil colors. The new range features colors used by the old masters, specific primary shades and contemporary colors containing the most modern pigments available.

System 3 Original Acrylics - These acrylics are ideal for the professional painter using color in large quantities. A full range of colors available in 75 ml and 150 ml tubes with screw top and flip up lid for easy and accurate dispensing. Only high quality pigments are used in the manufacture of System 3 Acrylics giving them a greater loading than other colors in their class.

System 3 Heavy Body Acrylics - These revolutionary, ultra-thick acrylics have an oil-like consistency that gives outstanding results. You can apply layer upon layer of richly colored System 3 Heavy Body to add three-dimensional qualities and new vibrancy to your art. It is ideal for impasto techniques with its excellent peak retention and fantastic brush mark holding.

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