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Paint Fit for Masters...

This line of fluid acrylics is an exciting fusion between Da Vinci's most distinguished watercolor hues and those colors traditionally found on acrylic palettes. This wide color range of professional fluid acrylic promises to awe those who appreciate pigment strength and vibrancy. Da Vinci uses its unique and stable acrylic polymer emulsion to assure a water resistant flexible dry film with exceptional durability. No fillers or extenders are added and each formula is packed with permanent lightfast pigments approved by ASTM International for Artists' Quality.

"Using the highest quality artist colors is essential in achieving the vibrancy and performance I require in my watermedia work and Da Vinci meets these demands. After switching to Da Vinci watercolors, I was delighted to learn of their spectacular new line of acrylics—especially as they smartly designed it around the watercolor palette. I can now paint in both watercolor and acrylic mediums, separately and in combination, with confidence that I am using the best artist colors available. Many of my colleagues and students are switching to Da Vinci—this is our brand!"

- Nicholas Simmons, Professional Artist 
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