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Creative Inspirations Acrylics, Mediums and Sets

Internationally Recognized As Superior For Classroom Education and The Art Party Industry

Best Selling Acrylic Paints! Don't settle for watered down acrylics! Creative Inspirations Acrylics and Acrylic Mediums are the ideal choice for educators, classrooms, social art parties and art businesses. With Creative Inspirations Acrylics, educators and artists do not have to settle for water-downed acrylics that are made from inferior materials, due to budget restrictions. Due to their large size, low prices and reliable quality, Creative Inspirations Acrylic Mediums are the ideal paint for classrooms, social art parties and art party businesses. An added convenience of these acrylics and mediums is that each 1.8L container is shaped to accept a standard pump dispenser. This aids teachers and businesses in quickly and precisely measuring out quantities to students and customers.

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