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Reel Art Academy DVDS

Reel Art Academy DVDS

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Reel Art Academy DVDS

Take your seats. Class is in session!

Reel Art Academy is a specialty program from Jerry's Artarama designed to make your experience as an artist as fun and easy as possible. They are perfect for anyone looking to try art for the first time or start a new medium.

The program begins by you selecting an artist to learn from. Each artist specializes in different mediums and artistic styles.
Each artist has their own "Starter Set". These specially designed Starter Sets come with everything you will need to complete all of the artist’s DVDs and Free Art Lessons in their program. So, after you have selected the Starter Set, you can choose from any or all DVDs available from the artist.
Be sure to watch the Starter Set video from the artist you are selecting, where they will not only go over all the materials in their Starter Set, but also show you how to set up for painting along with them for every Reel Art Academy video they have made.

Artists’ Starter Sets were designed to be as economically priced as possible. The more videos you tackle, the better value the Starter Set will be. So keep on painting!

All the materials you will need to create each and every project from each artist's DVDs and Free Art Lessons are included in their Starter Set!